Create the Backyard Retreat of Your Dreams with Unilock Patios

Professional Residential Masons Craft Customized Retreats

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For over 18 years, Landwork Contractors has been crafting personalized patios in Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess Counties. We know the best techniques and use only top quality products with Unilock pavers for your customized projects. Our patios will turn your backyard into a beautiful retreat for your friends and family. How? Take a look at these benefits and you’ll see why it’s time to start planning your Unilock Patio

Create More Space for More Fun!– If your family is tired of Netflix or staring at a screen, try some outdoor time. With the right additions, a new patio can add extra space to your home. You could entertain your friends or simply spend time with family. Summer parties, holiday celebrations, and after work swims can become a part of your everyday life when you add a pool patio. 

Design a Safe and Relaxing Space for Your Family– 

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The Hudson River Valley region is known for its beautiful valleys and rocky ground. While these views are stunning, their uneven pathways can be hazardous. A carefully designed retaining wall in your pool patio can help tame the terrain and provide calm, safe areas for your family to relax. Add in a walkway with slip-resistant pavers and you’ll have a gorgeous space that puts safety first without sacrificing style. 

Add Beautiful Views- An outdoor space doesn’t have to be bare to be beautiful. The right pool patio design can be artistic and useful. Imagine looking out your window at a lush landscape with flowering trees and ornamental shrubs highlighting flagstone pavers and beautiful blue waters. Every day can feel like a spa getaway with the right design. 

Increase the Value of Your Home- Hardscaping features are one of the top ways to increase home values. Pool patios never lose their worth in any home market. When you choose to add a patio, you are setting your home apart from all the others. Use professional masons and you’ll attract attention and get more out of your investment. 

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A Million Options for Customized Designs- You don’t have to have a cookie-cutter version of the most popular design. Unilock pavers come in so many different styles with so many different options, you can create something beautiful and totally unique. 

Prepare for Summer Now with Patio DesignsSummer may seem months away but it will get here before you know. Get ready for summer parties and celebrations by planning your patio design now. Call our experts at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We’ll have you relaxing by the pool in no time.

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