Does Landscaping Increase Home Value?

Would you like to see your home value grow?

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Homeowners have many strategies at their disposal to increase property value. One of the most affordable solutions is quality landscaping. You are able to increase home value by improving your curb appeal.

While it’s an affordable approach, you can choose from a whole array of budget caps. Regardless if you opt for a low-cost approach or get extensive works done, landscaping has the potential to boost your home’s value.

In this article, we’ll explore ways you can use landscaping techniques to strengthen your home’s worth.

#1: Avoid Niche Design Solutions

Do you want to maximize the value of your landscaping efforts? It’s always better to rely on popular design solutions and avoid niche developments. That’s because part of your home’s worth relies on appeal.

When your home appeals to only a select number of people, its overall worth won’t increase to new heights. Popular landscaping methods and look boost your home’s value because an average home buyer would find your property inviting, says Sterling PM.

#2: Add or Upgrade Landscape Lighting

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Landscape lighting can make a significant difference in the look of your yard. As a bonus, installing modern landscape lighting systems usually doesn’t warrant special skills.

New landscape lighting breathes new life into the area surrounding your house. Some of the available lighting solutions provide a chance to impress your guests with dazzling effects.

The special lighting modes ready your yard for theme parties and other occasions quicker than ever. You are able to use the appropriate color schemes for Christmas, Halloween, and even a romantic dinner night.

Another added bonus of updating your landscape lighting is the chance to add pathway illumination. If your yard gets really dark after sunset, this type of upgrade makes getting back home late at night safer and pleasant.

#3: Enhance Outdoor Living Spaces

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Clever landscaping design makes lounging outside more enjoyable. There are many practical steps you can take to make your outdoor living spaces stand out from the surrounding properties.

Most prospective buyers value homes that provide opportunities for spending time with their family and friends within the comfort of their own yard.

Here are the top solutions for raising outdoor living standards:

  • Install a sturdy wooden deck. Add a seating area for extra comfort.
  • Set up a fire pit surrounded by plenty of tables and benches.
  • Upgrade your exterior by purchasing new flower boxes. You could hang the boxes on porch railings.
  • Construct an outdoor kitchen and stock it with all the cooking and BBQ essentials.
  • Add a swimming pool for the ultimate summer fun. Make it more attractive by installing underwater lighting.
  • Complete your outdoor design with pergola-covered patio.
  • Consider adding pavers and steps for creating a more habitable outside space.

#4: Plant Fragrant Flowers

It’s not a secret that buyers are likely to value your home more when you have fragrant flowers growing in your yard. The sweet scent of beautiful flowers is one of the cheapest methods of boosting your home’s perceived worth.

You could plant any of the following flowers to benefit from this.

  • Roses
  • Lavender
  • Lilies
  • Hydrangeas
  • Gardenias
  • Hyacinth
  • Lilacs

#5: Keep Your Lawn Looking Good

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Your landscaping game looks instantly better when you conduct regular maintenance. Mowing and watering should be the essential activities on your landscaping to-do list.

There is no substitute for raising your curb appeal by diligent maintenance. That’s because having an overgrown lawn and plants in substandard conditions won’t look good even if you have built a new outdoor kitchen.

#6: Update Your Exterior Hardware

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Did you know that hardware facelifts have a great return on investment? The individual pieces aren’t necessarily expensive, but you could enjoy a serious change in your home’s exterior look.

Anything from new door handles and house numbers to a new mailbox and knockers could work well. Compare different options on the market and check online home design lookbooks for great combinations.

The bottom line: Does Landscaping Increase Home Value?

Landscaping has the potential to boost your home value. Buyers appreciate neat-looking yards, functional outdoor spaces, and even flowerbeds that are full of great smelling blossoms.

Here are our top tips for using landscaping to increase your home value:

  • Install landscape lighting to make your yard more attractive and safer at night.
  • Conduct regular maintenance to preserve the good looks of your home’s exterior and surroundings.
  • Plant plenty of fragrant flowers.
  • Build or expand outdoor living spaces that provide both functionality and beauty.
  • Refrain from creating niche landscaping design if you want to raise your home’s value for the general buyers.
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