Protect Your Home with Foundational Plantings

Professional Landscape Designs in Westchester County, NY Improve Curb Appeal 

Brick house with Dream Landscape

When you look at a beautiful home, everything seems to seamlessly blend together. You don’t notice ugly concrete blocks or unsightly drainage pipes. The secret to amazing curb appeal? Foundational plantings. With the help of the professional team at Landwork Contractors, you can find the perfect spring plantings that compliment your home. Not sure what to do? Take a look at these steps to crafting a foundational planting scheme to make your home shine. 

Create Movement with Vertical Designs- A well-placed arbor or trellis will add a special touch of warmth to your home. These hardscapes you’re your home both inviting and private. Adding vines or climbing blooms will provide both shade and color during the spring. These beautiful additions also help lower your heating and cooling bills throughout the year by lessening the heat and harshness of sunlight. 

courtyard with green landscape

Picture Frame Designs– With the help of beautiful flowering trees and majestic evergreens, you can create the perfect frame to showcase your house. Place a couple of bigger trees along the edge and corners of your home. This design trick helps draw the eye in and attract attention to the most important features of your home. These trees also help keep pests and mold away from basements and sideboards. 

Create A Design for Your Background- With the help of a few smaller trees and shrubs, you can easily create a background. These more resilient plants will mask foundations and provide a backdrop for your more showy plants. Add some extra drama by shaping bushes and shrubs into beautiful designs

Place Flowering Plants Along Your Edges-  Layering flowers along your borders work well to soften the hard lines of your framing plants. You can also use flowering plants to fill in empty spaces or add drama throughout your design. Choosing certain fragrant blooms will also keep pests away. 

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Protect Your Home By Using a Variety of Plants- More than anything else, foundational plantings protect your home from the elements. Try using different textures and roots to create more friction for water and silt. These help lower run-off and keep moisture away from your home. 

No matter what type of home you have, there are foundational plantings that can protect and highlight your home. Call our experts today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online.

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