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Top Spring Planning Tips from Professional Landscapers in Westchester County


There may still be a chill in the air but it won’t be long before the first buds of spring start to peak out. If you want to have a beautiful spring landscape, February is the best time to start planning. With over 20 years of local experience, the team at Landwork Contractors know the best tips for spring clean-up plans and design options. Here are just a few.

  • Start Early- Be ready for spring by creating a plan. As winter edges out, those beautiful blooms start to grow. If you wait too long, you’ll miss the planting season. A team of designers can go over your plans to make sure they will work with your soil. The experts at Landwork Contractors use 3D-CAD technology to bring your visions to life before laying the first plans. 
  • Do a Little Spring Cleaning- Winter weather really takes a toll on your landscaping. To get a fresh start, remove debris, clean out your plant beds and rake your yard. A healthy, tidy yard or garden is vital to the survival of new plantings. 
sod installation
  • Consider Sod or Lawn Installations- If you’re looking to renew your landscape, a lush lawn is a great place to start. Sod and lawn installations give you a brand new lawn in a few weeks. Start early in spring and your sod can take root before the hot, dry days of summer.

  • Mulch Makes Everything Better- A fresh layer of mulch is the secret ingredient for healthy and vibrant landscapes. Mulch protects against mold, disease, pest, frost, and drought. Plus, it comes in an incredible variety of textures and brilliant colors. You can choose to personalize your design with a special combination of colors and textures. 
  • Don’t Forget Hardscapes- When your planning your new spring design, make sure you include hardscape additions. Even small features like benches or water features can bring new life to your landscapes. Want to go bigger? Choose a pool patio, outdoor kitchen, or full-size deck. If you start early in spring, all these amazing outdoor features will be ready when warmer weather starts coming in.  

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