What You Need To Successfully Clean Up Your Yard For Spring

Spring cleaning your yard can be very hard work. Winter tends to leave a lot of souvenirs of the cold days, including an unbelievable amount of thawing debris of all kinds. If you have a large yard, with a lot of space, you really do need to plan before doing any work.

Spring cleanup basic issues

The “journey of discovery” regarding all the stuff you need to remove can include a few hard work-causing surprises. Winter is the time when Nature decides to do some editing of her own, and a large volume of leaf debris, fallen branches, and organic waste really accumulates under the snow. That’s not all that happens in winter, though.

Some of the problems aren’t quite so obvious and can be quite tricky. A garden can be transformed into a lot of new issues. Freezing soil and severe cold snaps can do a very good job of creating garden issues. If you have larger grounds, the surrounding forest and other areas may be littered with large debris, hard to move, and in some cases very hard work to manage.

Some work is DIY-doable, provided you’re well organized and have the time available to do it properly. The things you need to really think about are:

  • Not cleaning up or rectifying problems can cause major accumulated problems later including accumulated costs.
  • Gardens need to be cleaned up and problems solved ASAP, or you may find yourself with a serious collection of things to do to fix them.
  • The debris and other leftovers of winter create actual physical hazards on your property.
  • The junk lying around can turn into a fire hazard or a risk for those working and living on the property.
  • You may also be required by the county to manage those hazards, or get a fine.
  • Neighbors may have their own views on materials next to their boundaries.
  • Heavy and difficult to manage materials on site need to be treated with respect and safely handled. Some jobs really aren’t DIY propositions.
  • You need to be able to identify possible problems and know how to manage seasonal damage.
  • Damaged drains, eroded walkways, compromised landscape features and other important site amenities don’t fix themselves. They can turn into real trouble.

What’s the best quick fix for Spring clean-ups?

There is a quick fix for Spring clean-ups. It’s no coincidence that many large property owners simply set up a regular Spring cleanup service. Having a few experts checking for site damage and risks as well as doing the clean-ups is a good all-round management option.

This is the sort of work Landwork Contractors Inc. does on a regular basis in the Westchester, Dutchess, and Putnam counties region in New York. We take care of the grounds maintenance, and we keep an eye on the risk factors. We do remedial work to make sure small problems never turn in to big problems.  If you’re looking for better options for your Spring clean-up, contact us.

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