Mulch Matters

Mulch 101

Mulch is essentially broken down organic matter, used for improving soil and feeding plants.

Mulch comes in all types – from store-bought bark and pine straw, to grass clippings and compost. Whichever kind of mulch you prefer, this is a great way to “tuck your plants in” for the winter.

mulchbedMulch, put simply, is the all-round fixer for any garden or soil. Call us today to learn more about how we can improve your landscape design with mulch. Our expert landscapers are specialists. We’re fully familiar with the region’s exceptional standards of design and artisanship.

Mulch is a subject that fascinates gardeners and baffles everyone else. If you’re a property owner, however, mulch is very important. It’s something you do need to know about, and to understand its value. Believe it or not, mulch is actually a major asset in adding value to your property.

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On lawns, mulch is more than just returning value to the lawn. It’s a grown stimulant, like cutting the lawn. Lawns need to be pampered to a degree, and the added stimulus of mulching keeps them healthy.


When added to gardens as top dressing, it’s watered in. This stimulates soil chemistry, and improves soil biota. It even attracts earthworms and other useful garden inhabitants. Some of the world’s favorite flowers, notably roses, thrive on mulch. They take it up like kids with straws drinking sodas. Your mulch is your garden’s best friend. It maintains your garden and keeps it looking great. Take care of your garden, and it will take care of your home and grounds.

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