Get a Jump On The Season….Spring Landscaping Tips

Spring has Sprung!

Westchester Spring Landscaping TipsGet Ready With These 3 Easy Spring Prep Landscaping Tips

Step 1.
Remove debris and possible hazardous objects. Remove debris and materials. Take your time, use a wheelbarrow, or hand truck. Don’t try to manage heavy loads on your own, particularly if there’s a late cold snap and more snow.Carefully remove broken branches. Please note that heavy branches should be tied and preferably handled by expert arborist services, because they can be very dangerous. Cordon off any spaces where winter damage to landscaped areas has created unsafe areas.

Step 2.
Preparing your garden and lawn. OK, now you know exactly what’s going on in your garden, and you’ve done nearly all the hard work already. This stage is a mix of common sense and planning:

  • Lawn areas which have deteriorated
  • Landscape soil
  • Lawn bed preparation

Step 3
Have fun planning! That’s it! You have done the hard work, now you can enjoy brainstorming for your spring planting ideas!

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