Create Your Own Oasis with a Custom Crafted Pool Patio in Westchester and Putnam County

Professional Masons Give Top Tips for Pool Patio Design

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Landwork Contractors has a team of skilled masons with over 300 years of combined experience who can make your dreams come alive.  They’re ready to share their expertise with you. Here are the top five tips we have for designing your pool patio

1) Decide How You’ll Use the Area

For many homeowners, the pool patio isn’t just for the pool. It’s also a place to eat, lounge, entertain, and storing equipment. So as you plan, think about all the things you want to include in your patio. Options include:

  • Fire Pits
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Grilling Stations
  • Full-Service Bar
  • Lounging Area
  • Playing Area
  • Storage and Organization

Understanding what you want out of your pool patio will help everything else fall into place. 

2) Layout and Size

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Size and layout are very important as you start your hardscape design. Why have a pool patio if you can’t get any sun or have room for your grill? Professional designers can help you see all the angles so you have a patio that fits your needs. They’ll know what size you need and how to situate everything to suit your needs.  

3) Choose the Right Materials

Choosing the right materials can make or break a pool patio. Using custom crafted concrete, pavers or natural stone can help  you protect against slips and prevent cracking. Stick with lighter colored materials that will reflect not absorb the sun’s heat. Landwork Contractors is and Authorized Unilock Contractor so we use only the best materials. 

4) Don’t Forget Storage

You do not want a messy pool patio. People can trip or slip. It becomes a dangerous situation. Make sure you include storage for your pool tools, equipment, and accessories. Consider including:

  • Built-in Storage 
  • A Bathhouse
  • Storage House
  • Outdoor Furniture with Storage Compartments


5) Include Fencing

Fences will not only provide you with privacy, but it will also protect against unwanted guests like stray dogs and prevent drowning, especially with young children.

Build Your Dream Pool Patio Today

It isn’t too late to get your pool patio ready for summer. The team at Landwork Contractors have the skill and knowledge you need to create a beautiful backyard retreat for your home. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. You’ll be relaxing by the water in no time.

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