How Do You Water Your Lawn for Summer?

Professional Landscapers In Westchester Provide Secrets to a Lush Lawn

Keeping lawns lush and healthy during the summer can be a fulltime job. The trusted team of professional lawn care experts at Landwork Contractors answers. We’re here to help you care for and maintain your lawn during these hot, dry months. Here are our secrets to a vibrant, green lawn. 

Water In the Early Morning 

The earlier in the day you water your lawn provides a lot of benefits for your grass. Here’s why. 

  1. Lower temperatures all water to reach root systems before the heat and air dry it up. 
  2. You’ll conserve water and money since evaporation will be lower. 
  3. You’ll have less runoff seeping off of your grass.
  4. Water will have time to sink in and dry out before nightfall, protecting your lawn from the mold.

Provide At least 1”-1 ½” of Water Each Week 

Your lawn needs an inch or an inch and a half of water every week at least. Use a water gauge to measure the amount of water from sprinklers or hoses. Don’t have one? Use a can and a ruler to create a homemade water gauge and place it in your lawn while the sprinklers run. 

Water a Few Times a Week

If you water daily, you can create a shallow and weak root system. A deep watering a few times each week will help your grass develop stronger roots, making it more resistant to dry spells. 

Water More During Hot Spells

Your lawn can be severely damaged when temperatures start to soar. During dry spells, make sure you raise the blades on your mower for a higher cut, then water your grass a little every day to help it cool off. 

Watch for Run Off and Overflow

If you see that water is streaming off the lawn into gutters or streets, stop watering and allow the water to soak in. Wait a few minutes then continue to water. If you see this happening a lot, it could be a sign of impaction 

fresh cut green lawn

Professional Lawn Care in Westchester and Putnam Counties

Seeking the help of a lawn care professional will help you keep your yard looking lush and healthy. The team at Landwork Contractors have over 18 years of lawn care experience, let us handle the hard work for you. Call our experts today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online

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