Creating Steps That Will Last a Lifetime.

When you’re looking at your garden steps, you need to think about a few things that aren’t obvious. Steps are real problems solvers. Steps can deliver whole new opportunities for property improvement. They’re often the facilitators for great landscaping.

Steps basics – Choices and considerations

The core elements in designing stairs are:

  • Types of stairs – Steps may be constructed of any good construction material, like stone, timber, tiles, metal frames, or built in to the soil as reinforced steps. Generally speaking, steps are constructed with the most functionally appropriate materials, although site design features may be added to the basic structures.
  • Site issues – The need for steps, number of steps, elevations, angle of steps, and support foundations. Most steps are constructed much like buildings, with frames and supports designed to ensure the stairs are firmly based.
  • Design considerations – The designer look element of steps is based on a combination of coordination with existing designs and meeting site access requirements. If you’ve ever seen the Hollywood style fantastic homes, you’ll notice the very demanding combinations of step designs with surrounding architecture and landscaping.
  • Architectural landscaping considerations – In landscaping, steps are very practical, simple options for access and creating useful features. Steps for hardscape features also help to improve site safety in high traffic areas. They’re particularly useful for managing exterior design features and house access. You can even use them to manage security.

Masonry Bluestone Steps

Choosing your steps

A word of advice before we discuss your choices of steps, and how to choose them – Take your time to figure out exactly what you want. As you can see from the Steps Basics section, there’s a lot to think about.

The best way to choose your steps is to consider a range of possible choices:

  • Start with a short list of designs and materials, like stone steps or tiles.
  • Visualize how you want the steps to work in your environment.
  • Do you need additional access, like a walkway, or path?
  • Do you want landscaped plantings around the steps?
  • Are you considering additional landscaping features, like a gazebo, entertainment area, or similar new areas which require access?
  • Would you like a particular style of steps, with railings, designer ironwork, masonry, or other features?
  • Do you need to consider site security?

This is your shopping list to help you decide what you want. It’s also useful to compare your choices, and see which steps best deliver the features you want. There’s no hurry with this process. You’re designing your space, your way, so take your time. Explore your choices, and settle for the very best. When you’re happy with your design choices, talk to the experts. This part of the process is very useful. You can talk about practical issues, materials, and costs, with a good knowledge base of your own to work with.
Masonry Bluestone Steps
Landwork Constructions Inc. constructs all types of steps in the fabulous Westchester, Dutchess and Putnam counties region of New York. If you’re looking for steps for your property in New York, we’ll be happy to help.

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