Sold On Unilock™? Here’s What to Ask Your Unilock Contractor First

Unilock™ is the top landscaping materials supplier in the United States. They’re the real top of the line in terms of quality, design values, and materials technology. If you check out their products, the first thing you notice is that they win any comparison with other products. You can see the quality for yourself.

Why landscape designers love Unilock™

The design side values of Unilock™ become more obvious when you see a few landscapes using their products. Even if you’re not a design connoisseur, you can see that these designs are pretty demanding. These designs can only be done well with top quality materials.

Landscape designers breathe a sigh of relief (well, we certainly do) when using Unilock™ pavers. The extremely high quality of these pavers, range of colors, textures and their meticulous manufacturing makes them 100% reliable for designers. This very high quality factor basically means that your landscape design takes wings.

There’s another reason for working with Unilock™ for designs. We know we can use Unilock™ products for any type of landscape design. We know they’re low maintenance, no-nonsense products with very long product lives. We know they will work any kind of environment, even our neurotic “guess which season it is” New York weather. We also know we’re providing good value for our clients using these products.

The questions you should ask your Unilock™ contractor

An authorized Unilock™ contractor deals direct with Unilock™. Your contractor can give you straight answers to all your questions about the Unilock™ product range, features, and design choices.

Here are a few questions for an authorized Unilock™ contractor:

  • Can you get all the products in the Unilock™ range?
    The correct answer: Yes. Unilock™ contractors have full access to the entire product range.
  • Can I see a 3D design of your Unilock™ products?
    The correct answer: Yes. Unilock™ contractors can give you a full 3D version of designs using Unilock™ proprietary software.
  • Can you do Unilock™ walls and verticals for my design?
    The correct answer: Yes. Unilock™ contractors can construct a full spectrum of walls and verticals with the Unilock™ range.
  • We want natural stone for our landscape design; does Unilock™ provide natural stone products?
    The correct answer: Unilock™ offers a big range of natural stone products. Unilock™ contractors can provide any of these products, and special order products, on request.
  • We want our landscape to be constructed entirely of environmentally friendly products. Can you provide us with good eco-friendly pavers?
    The correct answer: Yes. Unilock™ products are designed and manufactured according to strict environmentally friendly guidelines.

Exploring the Unilock™ range and design choices When you talk to an authorized Unilock™ contractor, you can also explore your design options and see your ideas come to life. You’ll be fascinated, and pleased, by the extremely high quality Unilock™ design choices and their beautiful selection of materials.

If you’re in New York and looking at a major exterior upgrade or new property build, talk to us about Unilock™. We’ll be happy to help.

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