Differentiate Yourself from the Pack with Custom Masonry

Custom masonry is the top of the line in landscaping. This is classic landscaping material, and it’s also the basis of some of the most beautiful and most elegant designs in history since ancient times.

Custom masonry designs

Custom masonry designs are unique works in stone. The types of stone vary, but custom masonry design is the equivalent of driving a Ferrari in landscape design. Not everyone can do it, and not everyone can do it well. Working in stone is for professionals only.

The best custom masonry is a real work of inspired art, design, and construction. If you search some of the pictures of landscape design masonry online, be prepared to be awestruck. It’s hard to describe the sheer scale and beauty of some of these works.

Interestingly, custom masonry isn’t only for the One Percent people. Some of the famous places in our region of New York around Westchester include custom designer works. A lot of landowners and property managers prefer masonry for its sheer durability and fabulous appearance. Some of the old classic homes, and more than a few of the new homes, are turning to stone as a better option for design.

Stone is one of the very best construction materials, bar none. In design terms, it’s in a class of its own. In rocky upstate New York, stone fits in perfectly with the natural landscape. It also works with the landscape as a natural element. It’s very eco-friendly, and helps in many ways to protect and preserve the natural ecosystem. Trees in upstate environments grow around the stonework because they’re adapted to a rocky landscape.

Big stone retaining walls and hardscape features like formal gardens also benefit from the strength and durability of stone. Stone is a natural stabilizer, holding soil together. It’s often used as a foundation element for new gardens, including rockeries and other classic garden designs.

Working with stone – Choosing your custom design

When you’re looking at stone masonry, do your homework. Check out the very best designs. Take a look at the fantastic new architectural options, and explore the choices.

Above all – Be sure to check the materials. Natural stone offers a truly stunning range of choices of color, textures, and construction selections. Compare materials and see them as part of your design.

Be sure to consider the integration of your stonework with your other landscape features. Do you want stone walkways, beautiful pavers, and/or other features? How about special private entertainment areas with stone surrounds?

The range of design choices is literally limitless. Stonework is scalable, too. You can have a huge customized masonry design, with special features, or special custom masonry built in to an existing landscape.

Another consideration – Stone masonry is really zero maintenance. Some of the stonework in our area has been standing for centuries. This stonework is even a major property asset, a value-adding element, because people love it so much.

Some of our favorite design works are custom masonry. If you’re looking at custom stonework for your place, give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss design, construction, and talk stone design with you.

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