Fall Landscaping in Brilliant Colors

Bring Bright & Beautiful Home for Harvest Time

beautiful-landscape-with-houses-in-a-valleyThere is nothing more beautiful than the brilliant colors of the leaves turning in our own Westchester County and surrounding areas. Our little piece of the world is famous for its gorgeous fall foliage and rolling hills. Landwork Contractors has been privileged to help care for some of these landscapes for over 16 years. We love reflecting the natural scenery in landscaping designs. So how can you capture the beauty of fall for your home? We’ve come up with a few easy steps to get your home bursting with color for fall.

  1. Mulch– It might sound dull, but mulch can really spice up your landscaping while saving your plants. Mulching serves two purposes at the same time:
    • Mulch protects and insulates plants so they are kept warm during colder months. It also helps plants absorb and retain moisture so they won’t go dry during autumn and winter.
    • Mulch adds color and texture to your landscaping. There are multiple mulch colors to choose from and each one can add bright color to wintering shrubs. The right mulch will make your plants really pop by contrasting the mulching color to the plant color. All of this while maintaining the health of your plants!
  2. colorful-mums-LandworkContractorsVibrant Mums– When we think fall, we think bright, vibrant colors, oranges and reds and brilliant yellows. You can easily achieve these colors by adding mums just about anywhere. You can put them on porches, in window boxes or along your pathways and stairs. Mums are the perfect addition to a fall landscape because they are sturdy and colorful. With the right care, they can last through the autumn’s chilly season and brighten up any spot you put them in. Landwork Contractors can help you choose the perfect mum and keep them thriving throughout the fall.
  3. Pumpkins– It just doesn’t seem like fall until pumpkins start popping up. Use these colorful harvest plants to brighten up your home in many different ways.
    1. Add different colored pumpkins to your pathway, with fun faces or elegant designs.
    2. Place a pumpkin tower on your porch or stoop with designs stenciled in.
    3. Place pumpkins throughout the home to bring a bit of fall color indoors.
    4. Place an arrangement of colorful pumpkins along your steps or porch to brighten up cloudy fall days.
  4. Harvest Displays & Hayrides!– Make your home the talk of the neighborhood with a fun harvest display or weekend hayride. Your doorstep can be transformed for fall with a simple hay bale and a perfectly designed display of Indian corn, pumpkins and fall plants. Or keep it simple with a harvest wreath of Indian corn and wheat. On weekends, have your kids and their friends ride on your own hayride, just pull a trailer behind your riding lawnmower and add a couple hay bales. You can even place hay bales around your fire pit and roast marshmallows. Just be sure to keep them a safe distance and follow all fire safety rules. Harvest displays can be anything you choose, get out there and have fun!

Fall Fun or Autumn Elegance, You Choose How to Brighten Up Your Home!

No matter what your style is or how you celebrate fall, you can easily brighten up your home for fall. An experienced designer, like our team at Landwork Contractors, will help bring your vision to life with beautiful, healthy plants. Call us today at 914-479-2537 to get your fall designs started. You can even make an appointment online as you dream up your design. We’ll have your home ready for fall in no time.

Fall Landscaping in Brilliant Colors was last modified: October 7th, 2016 by Landwork Contractors