Revitalize Your Lawn with Fall Overseeding

Fall Maintenance & Care Creates Lush Landscapes

new sod installation completedThe homes and landscapes of Westchester County are famous all over the country for their classic beauty and lush green lawns. How do these homes stay green and gorgeous all year long? The answer is simple. Proper care and maintenance, especially in the fall. Landwork Contractors has been providing lawn care for over 16 years in Westchester and Putnam Counties. We know how to keep lawns lush and growing year after year.  We love taking care of our neighbors so we want to share the benefits of overseeding for your home.

What Is Overseeding and How Is It Done?

Before we get into the benefits of overseeding, it’s important to understand exactly what overseeding is.

lawn aerationOverseeding is the process of spreading new seeds onto already growing lawns.

Seems easy, right? Wrong. Successful overseeding requires many different steps and conditions to really make your lawn grow. Here are three big requirements needed for successful overseeding:

  • Perfectly Prepped Ground- Aeration and overseeding are the one-two punch that really gets your lawn growing. Before overseeding, professional landscapers use an aerating tool to remove pieces of the ground. This allows more oxygen and water to reach the roots of already growing grass and newly planted seeds.
  • Proper Temperatures- For the best results, the ground temperature must be warm enough to accept seeds while the air is cool enough to encourage seeds to grow. It’s kind of a goldilocks recipe. Too cool and the seeds will freeze or won’t open up, too warm and they will dry out. Fall is the perfect time for overseeding.
  • Appropriate Water Levels- After aerating and overseeding, you’ll need water the grass. You don’t want to drown the lawn, but don’t let it get too dry either. The goal is to keep the first ¼ inch of the ground moist to help nourish and strengthen the seeds.

Benefits of Successful Overseeding

big lawn with house at the bottomWhen done correctly, overseeding can bring multiple benefits to your grass that will give you a lush, envy-worthy grounds all year long.

  • Repairs Damaged Areas– Over hot summer months, diseases and harmful pests can dry out and damage your grass. Overseeding repairs those areas.
  • Fights Off Disease– New grass will help strengthen your lawn so that it is able to fight off future pests and disease.
  • Improves the Feel and Look of Your Lawn– You can actually see changes in a week and a half, approximately 10 days.
  • Grows Grass Back Thicker and Healthier– Overseeding creates new grass that will come up in between your old grass. This will help make your lawn dense and thick.
  • Reduces Weeds– A dense lawn chokes out weeds, there just isn’t any room for them to grow.
  • Prepares The Lawn For Spring Growth– Fall overseeding gives defenseless seeds the chance they need to grow and strengthen before the first frost. This is so important because these strong roots will create beautiful blades of grass in the spring.
  • Protects Against the Heat of Summer– Properly overseeding in the fall will protect your grass during the hot, dry months of summer when grass can brown and wither.

Start Overseeding Today for the Lawn of Your Dreams

Everyone wants a lush lawn they can enjoy. The secret to getting a beautiful lawn during those sunny spring and summer days is to start overseeding in fall. Landwork Contractors offers multiple lawncare and lawn maintenance plans that we customized to your needs. Call us today at 914-479-2537 to make your lawn green and growing again. Or simply make an appointment online, we are here to answer any questions and help you with any lawn care issue.

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