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Professional Tips for Taming Autumn Leaves

green-landscapeAutumn leaves are quickly falling in our yards, lawns, and gardens. Sometimes it may feel like an avalanche of leaves has landed right in your lawn. But, did you know you can put those pesky leaves to work? Landwork Contractors has a few strategies to help you with your fall lawn maintenance. We’ll have your lawn thriving and looking tidy in no time.

Making the Most of Excess Leaves

A yard full of leaves isn’t only messy, it can also be dangerous for you and your lawn. Slick wet leaves can make pathways hazardous for you and guests. On your lawn, leaves left alone can suffocate grass and soil. So how can you put these leaves to better use? Simply follow these 4 strategies!

  • Mulching Leaves- Lawns that have 1/4th an inch or less of fallen leaves can be saved by mulching the leaves. Simply rent a mulch mower from your local home improvement store and get to mowing. The mulch you create can help your lawn and different parts of your landscaping by creating a protective covering that keeps soil temperatures warmer during the cooling weather of fall. Other benefits of mulch include:
  • landwork-contractors-truck-at-job-siteKeeping moisture in the ground during dry months
  • Provide nutrients to plants and soil for cooler months.
  • Protecting ground, plants, and soil during winter temperatures.
  • Cuts down on weed growth.
  • Decreases disease and insect issues.
  • Leaves for Your GardenIf you have more than 1/4th inch layer of leaves, collect the leaves and spread them evenly over your garden. This organic mulch includes all the benefits of mulching with extra nutrients for long winter months. It’s perfect for both home lawn maintenance and grounds maintenance at the office. Landwork Contractors will help you with proper mulching techniques for your individual needs.
  • Tilling Makes Happy Yards!Tilling your leaves will help improve the health and condition of your soil. A simple process of tilling the yard with the leaves creates a natural aeration process that soil desperately needs during fall. You’ll have a happier, healthier vegetable garden in the spring too!
  • landwork-contractors-trucks-at-job-siteCompost Those Leaves!Composting is actually a very easy and rewarding process. Here’s how:
    • Collect Leaves
    • Shred Leaves
    • Put Leaves in Compost Bin
    • Add Nitrogen Rich Items (garbage, manure, freshly cut grass, nitrogen enhancer)
    • Turn Compost Every Few Days
    • Keep Moist, Not Wet

Autumn leaves are loaded with nutrients your plants need. You’ll save money on plant food and fertilizers while using environmentally safe products. Plus composted leaves will improve soil structure for any soil and save your garden from evaporation.

Autumn Leaves Bring New Life to Lawns

Nutrient rich falling leaves can really boost your lawn or garden when handled correctly. Landwork Contractors has the best maintenance and lawn care plans for creating a healthy and beautiful landscape for your home or office. We know all the special details of landscape maintenance in Westchester County. We offer multiple leaf removal and mulching plans as well as individualized care for various landscapes. If you are interested in leaf removal services or have questions about you lawn care, don’t hesitate to call us at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We can’t wait to help you create beautiful landscapes with you.

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