Best Snow Management in Cortlandt Manor

Finding the Best Snow & Ice Management Plans for Your Company

car-completly-under-snowWinter is coming up fast. Is your business ready for icy drives and snow-filled parking lots? If you haven’t yet planned for winter snow and ice removal, Landwork Contractors is here to help. We have over 16 years of experience plowing and de-icing Westchester winters. To help you get started, we’ve come up with a rundown of common snow and ice management services.

Per Push Plans for Snow & Ice Management

Snow and ice management are vital to winter safety. Sometimes businesses only need occasional snow management. Perhaps your office has on street parking or has a smaller parking lot that seldom ices. In these instances, you might go with a per push service. A company that offers snow plowing or management services “per push” charges clients per each service they provide. So if the snow plowing company comes out and plows your parking lot and snow blows your sidewalks and de-ices your steps, each service will be charged separately each time. Per push plans are perfect for smaller businesses or unique areas that require less care. For bigger companies and properties, an all-inclusive plan is probably better.

All-Inclusive Snow & Ice Management Plans

landwork-contractors-truck-snow-plowingSome businesses require more attention during winter weather. For these businesses, snow and ice management can be an all season long continuous task. For example, banks, grocery stores, churches, schools, medical buildings, and municipal buildings need to stay open, safe, and easily accessible throughout winter. In this case, or if you have a larger business space or manage an apartment complex or housing development, an all-inclusive plan will work best. This plan will be set for an agreed upon amount of time with perimeters set by you and the snow plowing company.

Features to Look for in a Snow Plowing Management Service

Not all snow plowing and ice management services are created equally. Getting unpredictable or unreliable snow service can put you and your staff in danger. If you need snow or ice management you need to be sure that the company you are using is able to deliver the services you need in a dependable manner. Here are a few things to look for when you are searching for a snow management company:

  • landwork-contractors-truck-snow-plowing-at-nightAre they experienced?
  • How big is their snow management fleet?
  • Do they offer 24-hour availability?
  • Do they have a reputation for being on time and efficient?
  • Are plans customized to individual needs?
  • Do they do salt applications?
  • Do they have sidewalk or walkway services?
  • Do they offer off-site snow removal?
  • Is there a weather monitoring procedure used to help plan for upcoming winter storms?
  • Do they do pre-storm applications?

These questions will help you find a snow and ice management service that will be dependable and trustworthy all winter long.

Personalized Snow and Ice Management Plans for Your Business

In Westchester County, the winter weather can get wild. Landwork Contractors offers personalized snow and ice management plans for your business. We understand each office and company is different. Our team of snow plowing, management and removal experts works hard to create the individualized plan for your personal needs. Call us today at 914-479-2537 to get your snow management plan started. Or you can make an appointment online while you take care of other business. We’ll be there to keep your doors open and your business safe.

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