Pick Best Snow Blower

Choosing the Best Snow Blowers for Residential Snow Management Use

sidewalk-snow-plowerSnowy walkways, steps, and driveways are a familiar sight during Westchester County winters. How you take care of this common chore may depend on your budget and ability. If you aren’t planning on hiring a professional snowplowing company, you may want to consider purchasing a snow blower for your personal use. Landwork Contractors loves our Westchester and Putnam County neighbors. We want to help you stay safe this winter with clean sidewalks and driveways.  To help you manage the snow and ice this year, we’ve come up with a quick guide for choosing the right snow blower.

Choosing the Right Snow Blower for Your Home

Shoveling snow and clearing driveways or walkways during winter can be a strain on your health. If the idea of shoveling your drive or walkway after a heavy snow storm seems like a daunting task, it may be time to invest in a quality snow blower. The problem is, which one? Here are a few important steps to take and factors to consider as you begin your search for a quality snow blower:

  • Start Early- Finding a quality snow blower that will fit your needs takes time, so start your search in the Fall.
  • Do Your ResearchGo out and look at reviews, study different models and brands, ask your friends for their recommendations. A great place to start is this incredible guide at Consumer reports. The trusted experts at Landwork Contractors highly recommend using this guide throughout your search.
  • sidewalk-snow-blowingUnderstand Your Limitations – Don’t go out and buy the most expensive or biggest snow blower on a whim. Understand the limitations of your budget and your physical abilities. Just because snow blowers make snow removal easier doesn’t mean they are always lightweight or easily handled. Be careful and know what you are purchasing.
  • Quality Is Key!- In the same way you shouldn’t purchase the most expensive equipment, you also shouldn’t purchase the cheapest. A good quality snow blower is an investment. Snow blowers range in cost from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Make an investment that is good quality and able to deliver great results year after year.
  • Know What You Need- When you start looking at snow blowers, consider what your snow removal needs are. Ask these questions:
  • How much does it typically snow in your area?  Electric snow blowers can typically handle up to 6 inches of snow before they start to get a little weighed down.
  • How big is the area you will need to routinely clear each winter? Don’t get a wide blower for a narrow sidewalk.
  • What type of environment do you have? Flat areas? Hilly or bumpy areas? More difficult terrain will need more powerful equipment.
  • How big of a machine can you realistically handle? Don’t get a huge, heavy machine you can’t move around in the snow or it will end up sitting in your garage while you’re out shoveling.
  • Electric or Gas? Single or Two Stage?The choice between an electric or gas snow blower and the power level depends on your personal needs. Electric single stage mowers work great for lighter snow areas and on flat to slightly hilly areas. They are not meant for big inclines or overly rugged areas. Single stage gas blowers are bit more powerful and can reach up to 8 inches of snow, while two-stage gas mowers can handle all sorts of pathways up to 8 inches of snow. However, two-stage gas blowers are heavier and more expensive than their single stage counterparts.

Regardless of which snow blower you choose, make sure you always stay safe during snow removal. Wear multiple layers with waterproof outer layers and waterproof shoes. Always be aware of weather conditions and keep animals and children away from the snow blower during and after snow removal.

Staying Safe and Warm During Winter

landworkcontractors-hat-on-snow-manHaving clear pathways or walkways is vital to continued safety during winter. In order to stay safe during the winter it is important to have a snow removal plan ready for whatever winter may throw your way. Investing in a quality snow blower can help you keep your family safe. Landwork Contractors is committed to the safety of our clients and neighbors in the Westchester area. Although we do not currently offer residential snow removal services, we are available to create safe pathways for your home. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online, we can’t wait to help you.

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