Have A Happy Holiday Season

The Holidays Are Perfect for Celebrating

Holidays are when family and friends gather closer together. The most wonderful time of the year often becomes the most stressful time. Holiday Parties, traditions and shopping can turn this jolly time into a scheduling nightmare. For business owners, stress is tripled with increase consumer traffic. Landwork Contractors knows you want to enjoy the holidays in Westchester County. We can lower holiday stress by lightening the load with many services:

  • Professional Holiday Displays for Entranceways.
  • Safely cleared sidewalks with Commercial Snow-blowing
  • Personalized Wreaths for Businesses or Homes
  • Professional Holiday Lighting Displays and Decorations
  • Porch and Stoop Displays for Homes
  • Decorated Potted Evergreens Delivered and Set Up
  • Firewood Cords Available for Delivery and Stocking

happy holidays tree

Forget the Stress, Enjoy the Best

The Landwork Contractors family understands that no one can do it all. We’ve come up with some helpful tips to take the stress out of your season.

Bring Cheer Everywhere

Holiday Decorations are a great way to add cheer to any space, indoors or out. There are many options to adding a bit of cheer:

  • Lighten Up – The right kind of lights can make anything look magical. Light up fir trees, bushes and even bare branches outdoors and mantles, shelves, and staircases indoors, just to mention a few. Plus, lights can reflect your holiday beliefs and traditions.
  • Evergreens for Everything- Wherever they are, evergreens bring the holiday to life, with incredible aromas and vibrant colors. Choose a potted evergreen for long lasting and environmentally friendly decorating.
  • Roll Out the Holly… and Poinsettias – These holiday symbols have been favorites for years. Their vibrant colors brighten any room. Poinsettias also come in many colors to fit any décor. Add a little holly to mantles, tabletops or even on gift tags.
  • Wreaths – There’s no end to the possibilities with wreaths. There’s a style to fit every need and they easily hang just about everywhere.

Giving From the Heart

Giving a thoughtful gift means so much, but finding that gift can be a task. Here are some thoughtful ideas to help with the gifts on your list. Landwork Contractors can even help with some of these.

  • Potted Christmas Trees –Newlyweds, families, neighbors or old friends can enjoy the beauty of an evergreen year after year. Have the tree pre-decorated or include a few starter ornaments. Recipients can plant the tree after the holiday season or re-pot it for continued indoor use.
  • Themed Baskets- Thoughtful gifts come from being considerate. Show you care by giving their favorite things, pre-order their favorite bloom for spring or with hats and jerseys of their favorite team.
  • Firewood Bundle –Make a gift out of seasoned firewood for neighbors, co-workers or friends. Buy a cord or so for the season and set aside some for gifts. Bundle together some logs with a Christmas bow add treats like hot cocoa or wine. Easy to put together, a thoughtful firewood bundle can provide warmth throughout the holidays and beyond.
  • Personal Decorations- If you make it yourself or design it, personalized decorations can become heirlooms to someone you love.

Take a Time Out

Even little elves need a break. Give yourself the gift of relaxation. Put down that shopping list and be a kid again, bring back old traditions or make some new ones. Don’t get swept up in the holiday hustle. Be sure to enjoy some of it yourself, relaxing with family and friends.

From the entire Landwork Contractors family, we want to wish you the happiest of holidays. We love the holiday season, we hope you will too. Let us help you spread some cheer with heartfelt gifts or decorating services. Call us at 914-479-2537 or schedule an appointment online. Get back to your family and friends we’ll take care of the decorating. Have a safe and Happy Holiday season!

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