Gear Up for Winter

Time to Gear Up for Winter with Fall Cleanup

 Winter can sneak up early in the northeast. Beautiful falling leaves can turn into mounds of snow. Before that first flake falls, Landwork Contractors can prepare your landscaping for a healthy winter and blooms in spring. We love serving Westchester county residents.

Green Checkup

Even gardens and landscaped grounds need a few annual checkups. A major garden checkup must come in fall, before the chill and snow of winter begins to gather. Your garden checkup must include these important steps.

Remove Diseased or Sickly Plants. – Take a close look at your peonies, roses, irises, lilacs, fruit trees and vegetables. Cut back any diseased areas and THROW THEM AWAY. Do not keep any of it for composting. Sickly vegetables must be taken out by the roots and completely destroyed. This must be done quickly before further damage occurs to other nearby veggies or plants.

  1. Remove Leaves and Debris. – The change in seasons that comes with autumn brings a lot of stormy, windy weather. Twigs, nuts, sticks and leaves often get knocked down. All of the debris needs to be removed. Leaves can damage secretly by blocking out sunlight, cutting off oxygen and weighing down grass. Landwork Contractors offers landscaping and special Fall Cleanup packages, sign up for our email or call us at 914-479-2537 to learn more.
  2. Weeding- While you are taking care of sickly plants, it’s important to pull weeds again before winter arrives.
  3. Check Woody Plants and Trees- Ornamental shrubs and trees will need a little pruning and stabilizing before winter can weigh them down and cause disaster. Cutting off dead branches now can save you from moving them later, possibly after they’ve damaged your car or home.
  4. Don’t Over Prune- Even though it’s tempting to prune everything really well one last time before winter, some of those plants need the extra growth. This is especially true for your trees and ornamental shrubs. The extra growth will help insulate them for winter.
  5. Divide Your Perennials – It wouldn’t seem necessary to divide plants as they are thriving in the fall. However, the ground temperature in autumn is perfect for dividing root balls and replanting. See more in our fall planting blog.
  6. Mulch Mulch Mulch – With perennials and even evergreens in pots, mulching can provide the extra layer needed to keep roots insulated and thriving in cold winter months.
  7. Water – Though watering plants in fall may feel strange, your plants are still growing and will need to be watered before winter brings in snow.
  8. Aerate and Overseed- These last two jobs go together. Moving the grass around and creating oxygen pockets creates a perfect atmosphere for grass to grow through winter and thrive in spring.


If the Garden Checkup feels overwhelming, there’s no need to worry. Landwork Contractors offers landscaping services throughout the year. For fall we specialize in:

fall cleanup

  • Planting perennials
  • Fall Cleanup, including leaf removal
  • Aeration and overseeding
  • Fire Pit Installations you can enjoy all year long.
  • Creating Harvest and Holiday Displays
  • Mulching and pruning of gardens and grounds.
  • Large and small jobs for residential and commercial grounds.

When you are ready to prep for winter, you can trust our specialists to care for your lawn and home like it was our own. We are ready to help you with all your lawn care needs, schedule an appointment online or call us at 914-479-2537 today before that first flake falls.

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