How To Keep Your Office Safe This Winter

Top Tips from Professional Landscape Maintenance and Commercial Snow Removal Experts in Putnam County, NY

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The busiest time of the year is here. With all the activity in and around your business, safety is a must. If you want to keep your business running smooth and keep clients and customers running back, now is the perfect time to set up safety plans like commercial snow removal. Slips and falls continuously top the list of winter accidents. When winter weather comes blowing in, how do you keep your business open? Try these top tips from professional snow removal experts in Putnam County, NY. 

  1. Keep Everything Tidy-Landscapes really take a beating during winter. From splitting branches to tumbling nuts to loose concrete, your walkways can quickly become an obstacle course. Regularly check your pathways for debris. Have your trusted landscaper in Westchester and Putnam Counties trim your hedges and trees. Test pavers and stepping stones for wobbles. If you find any issues near your store, consider adding new pavers or walkways
  1. Keep Your Snow Removal Plan Updated –If there’s one thing you can plan on during New York winters, it is snow, lots of snow. Make sure you have a snow removal plan ready so you can keep your business running. Ask for the following in your plan:
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  • Commercial Snow Plow Options
  • Calcium and Salt Applications
  • Walkway, Sidewalk, and Pathway Services
  • Snow Stacking When Applicable
  • 24-Hour Availability
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  1. Keep Close Track of Your Trees- Snow-covered branches get heavy quickly. Dry limbs snap. No one wants to wake up to a new hole in their roof or a tree on their car. If you want to prevent these issues, watch your trees. 
  • Protect trees from harsh weather with burlap wrappings and deer nets. 
  • Put down fresh layers of mulch to keep the soil warm and your trees healthy. 
  • Watch for limbs growing near powerlines. If you see any trees getting close to a powerline, call your local electrical provider. They will remove them before they become a hazard. A professional landscape maintenance company in Putnam County, NY can help monitor and trim your trees. 

Ready to Protect Your Business? Get Your Snow Removal Plan Today!

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