Mulch Beds Bring Color and Health to Landscaping

Make Your Mulch Work for You

Mulch beds have long been a favorite of gardeners and landscapers alike. The variety of mulching materials creates endless design opportunities with big benefits. Landwork Contractors can help you choose the perfect mulch material and color for your garden or landscape. We offer a number of services that will improve the look and health of your lawn or landscaping including:

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  • Mulch Designs and Spreading
  • Lawncare Maintenance
  • Landscape Design
  • Weekly Lawn Review
  • New Spring Plantings

A Multitude of Mulch Designs

red mulchMulch is a multipurpose design and gardening tool. Mulch can be used for many different design purposes in your garden or landscaping:

  • Create A Polished Look
  • Make Bright Colors Pop
  • Adds Color to Winter Landscape
  • Add Drama with Patterns
  • Create A Border for Gardens and Flower Beds

Types of Mulch

Mulch comes in many different forms and colors. Most mulch comes from natural materials. These mulches work with your soil to create healthy and thriving plant life. Different  materials have different benefits. Some natural materials include:

  • Shredded Leaves  –  Control weeds, help add acid to soil for plants that need it, improve soil when they decompose.
  • Shredded Hardwood  –  Subdues weeds, heavy enough to stay put during rainy seasons. Comes in beautiful colors and decomposes slowly to add nutrients to gardens.
  • Wood Chips  –   Bark and wood pieces that create a beautiful mulch. Controls weeds but decomposes rapidly and can take away nitrogen from the soil. Have professionals like Landwork Contractors guide you in how to use this mulch.
  • Pecan Shells – Great for preserving moisture in your soil, long-lasting and made up of dark brown bits. Availability is limited.
  • Colored Mulches – Dyed mulch colored vegetable dyes that have long lasting colors. Great for decorating and design aspects, work just the same as uncolored mulch.

Why Mulch?

Besides making your landscaping more attractive, mulching adds health and life to your garden. The benefits are incredible. Mulch benefits plants, trees, and soil in these ways:

  • Lowers weed growth.
  • Reduced soil splattering during rain, this also keeps down disease.
  • Creates hardy topsoil as it decays.
  • Enhances the structure of the soil.
  • Adds nutrients to the soil.
  • Keeps top layers of soil from crusting, so more air, sunlight and water can reach roots.
  • Increases water absorption.
  • Decreases evaporation.
  • Protects plants, trees, and bushes from disease, dehydration and pests.
  • Keeps temperature of soil cooler during hot seasons and warmer during cold seasons.
  • Encourages more root growth in trees, plants and bushes.

These are just some of the benefits of adding mulch to areas of your lawn, garden or landscape designs.

Where to Start

Mulching requires knowledge and special care. Too little mulch doesn’t deliver the benefits needed. Too much mulch can create other problems. Plus, you need to know when to mulch, how to mulch and which mulch works for your plants and trees. A trusted professional, like Landwork Contractors, can guide you in choosing the right mulch. We also maintain mulch and flower beds throughout the year, so you can be sure you’re getting all the benefits without lifting a finger.

brown mulch in yard

While it can get confusing, the benefits of mulch are endless. Landwork Contractors has the experience to keep your mulch fresh and beautiful. Our landscape design and maintenance teams can guide you in creating the perfect mulch effects for your garden. Call us today at 914-479-2537 to get your mulch bed designs started. You can even make an appointment online while you relax. Your plants will love it.

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