Summer Time Fresh Fruit and Veggies Come Home

Get the Best in Fresh Produce from Your Backyard With Landscaping Professionals

fresh fruits on the table and basket

Nothing beats the taste of farm fresh produce, especially in summer. If you’ve been loving that local farmers market or just wanting fresh produce, you’re in luck! Landwork Contractors can help you plan and set up your vegetable and fruit garden. No matter what space you have, we have the tools to get your vegetable garden started. Our experienced team can help you with:

  • Landscape Construction  for businesses.
  • Setting Up a Community Garden at Work
  • 3D Design Tools for Landscaping
  • Planning New Plantings
  • Organizing Gardening Schedules
  • Plotting the Perfect Area for Great Growth
  • Specific and Experienced Care Instructions
  • Setting Up and Planting Vegetable and Fruit Gardens

Correctly planting a vegetable or fruit garden takes a lot of work and know- how. You can forget all the guesswork and let our professionals do all the hard work. You’ll be harvesting the many benefits of growing your own fresh produce in no time.

Get Off the Fence and Start Gardening!

Are you still on the fence trying to decide if you should garden? The Westchester County area has some of the best land for gardening, so dive right in. There are many benefits to owning and caring for a personal or community vegetable or fruit garden. Here are just a few to consider:

  • Gardening Can Change Your Taste- Got a picky eater? Growing fresh produce can change their mind. Fresh produce just tastes better. Add to that the pride of growing their own food and you could change their mind. You might even find you have a few new favorites yourself!
  • apple with tape measurementCheap, Easy & Healthy Snacking- Go ahead, eat that tomato right off the vine. It’s free, it’s easy and more fun than running to the pantry for a bag of chips!
  • Slimmer Waists & Bigger Wallets-  Having your own produce aisle in the backyard  or at the office will help cut calories and spending. You’re not only spending less on food but also on gas to get to the store. Both your body and your bank account will get healthier.
  • Gardening Grows Minds –Studies have shown that gardening helps sharpen mental health. Tending to a vegetable garden is fun and interesting. The act of gardening engages your mind and can even be a form of meditation.
  • Earth Friendly – Saving all those trips to the store will definitely help the earth. Besides that, your fresh from home produce will last longer and be less likely to spoil. Less spoiling means you are throwing produce away less often.
  • Everyone Can Get Involved- No matter what age or interest, everyone at home or at your office can be a part of gardening. You get to have fun and get healthier together!

Sign Me UP!

Ready to garden, but don’t know where to start? You probably have a lot of questions like:

  • Which vegetables and fruit work best in my region?
  • What are the sunlight and water requirements for healthy crops?
  • Where is the best spot for my garden?
  • How should I plot my garden?
  • Should I use  rows or construct a raised garden?

fresh pulled radish from gardenDon’t worry, Landwork Contractors can help you every step of the way. We know that starting a garden takes a lot of work, we can do the heavy lifting and guide you along the way. Our professional staff can answer all these questions and many more. Call us today at 914-479-2537  to get started harvesting the wonders  of a vegetable garden. You can make an appointment online as you dream of your fresh produce. Summer has never tasted better.


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