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While we all love seeing deer and little critters out in the wild, but we’d prefer they stay out of our gardens. While we start planning our spring gardens, it’s the perfect time to consider deer and pest resistant plants to add to our yards. Landwork Contractors knows how to protect your lawn from pests. Our experienced and trusted staff can keep your landscaping beautiful all year long.

Pests on Patrol

There are many pests that are native to the Westchester County area, each of them can damage or destroy your lawn or landscaping.

deer looking backDeer– Deer are beautiful and majestic creatures that love our woody plants

with broad leaves. Deer destroy gardens and landscaping with:

  • Scraped Trees – Bucks use the bottom trunks of trees to scrape their antlers on and trees are stripped bare of the bark needed for protection and nutrition.
  • Trampled Gardens- Crops, bushes, plants and grasses can get trampled down while deer eat.
  • Bare Bottomed Trees- Often deer will eat all the leaves from the reachable branches.


squirrel in snowVoles Voles are small rodents that resemble mice. They love fruit trees, but they will scavenge after anything. Voles damage landscaping by:

  • Holes- Voles create holes all over your garden and lawn, particularly close to trees.
  • Leftovers- Voles make it difficult for plants to grow by leaving behind tunnels and droppings.
  • Girdling- Much like deer, voles will strip a tree of its bark, usually in one strip around the entire tree.


bunny in flowers and green grassRabbits– Who doesn’t love a sweet little bunny? The problem is their large colonies can destroy our yards and gardens.

  • Dead Grass- Rabbits either eat the grass or damage it with their waste.
  • Vanishing Veggies- Rabbits will come in the night and take veggies or plants they love.


Winning the Pest War

Now that you know what you’re up against, you might be wondering how you can win the pest war. Landwork Contractors has a wealth of knowledge and experience battling pests and keeping lawns beautiful. Here are just a few tools for beautiful gardens:

  • Pest Resistant Plants– Certain textures and smells work to repel deer and other pests from eating up your garden. Luckily, there are several that are available for planting right here in Westchester County.
    • Herb Gardens- Herbs have a strong smell that keeps pests away. There’s also the added bonus of having fresh herbs at the end of the day
    • Grasses- Certain Grasses can be used to deter deer, like Golden Variegated Hakonechloa, Switch Grass, Perennial Fountain Grass, Ribbon Grass, Chinese Silver Grass and many other ornamental grasses.
    • Woody Perennials- Beautiful woody perennials like Bayberries, Butterfly Bush, Boxwood, Junipers and Contoneaster all tend to keep deer away.
    • Perennials-There are a lot of perennials that pests avoid. Some include Periwinkle, Japanese Painted Ferns, Ragwort, Allegheny Spurge, Monkshood, Creeping Jenny and many more.
  • Fencing– Fencing doesn’t have to be an eyesore to protect your plants. Landwork Contractors works with many different hardscaping designs to protect lawns, you can get some ideas from our Pinterest page.
    • Small fences around tree bases, particularly around fruit trees.
    • Beautiful retaining walls that separate some pests from their food.
    • Property fencing for gardens.
  • Frightening Away- Adding a few extras can scare away pests. 
    • Things with reflective surfaces, mirrors or tiles that catch the light.
    • Pieces that make a little rustling sounds or wind chimes that sing.
    • Anything that smells like people, cats or dogs, including scarecrows or hair on lower branches.
    • Ammonia Scent- The smell of ammonia wards of many animals because it mimics the smell of waste.
  • Planning Plots- Make a plan for your yard by using zones.

    • Place plants that attract deer and pests closer to your home, where they are less likely to go.
    • Plant deer resistant plants on the edges of the property to keep deer from entering.
    • Do a patchwork of pest resistant plants around the more edible plants.

Prevention Brings Perfection

green gras back yard
Landwork Contractors works closely with local nurseries to provide the best in pest resistant plants. While no plant is pest proof, many deter pests. Landwork Contractors can help you make your landscaping both beautiful and practical. Call us today to order your pest resistant plants and get your Spring Garden started right. Or make an appointment online while you enjoy your morning coffee.


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