Maintain Excellence With A Customized Lawn Plan

Landscaping Requires Regular Individualized Maintenance

lawn mowingA beautiful lawn or garden is a retreat for families and staff to enjoy year round. However, these lovely little getaways need constant care and maintenance. March is the perfect time to start thinking about your maintenance plan for your yard or landscaping. Landwork Contractors offers many different services for both residential and commercial landscaping, including:

  • Custom Masonry
  • Patios Installations
  • Lawn Care
  • Planting Services
  • Landscape Design
  • Fire Pit Installations
  • Firewood Cords
  • Drainage Maintenance
  • Commercial Snowplowing

Landwork Contractors is able to offer year round services to suit your needs for any season. Our licensed and experienced team has been caring for Westchester County’s gorgeous landscapes for over 15 years. We know how to personally care for your favorite neck of the woods.

Lawns and Grounds Need Maintenance All Year Long

It takes more than a little water and a little sunlight to keep grasses growing all year long. However, each season requires crucial maintenance for continued growth and health of grass and plants.

Spring Maintenance

  • Pick up debris left over from winter.
  • Repair patches of grass that have died over winter.
  • Treat for weeds.
  • Plant new seasonal and perennial flowers.
  • work with chain sawPlant new vegetables.
  • Remove winter mulch then add fresh mulch.
  • Divide your perennials when overcrowded.
  • Prune shrubs, fruit trees and flowering trees to stimulate growth and keep the plant healthy.
  • Replace or repair cracked wooden decks, swings or benches.
  • Add sealant to wooden hardscaping.
  • Fertilize areas as needed for future growth.

Summer Maintenance

  • Regularly trim and mow lawn.
  • Cut grass higher as summer gets hotter to help grass avoid drought.
  • Weed the area around your trees.
  • Watch for pest or disease damage.
  • Change the pattern in your mowing to avoid ruts in your lawn.
  • Trim hedges.
  • Fertilize Flowers.
  • Mulch as needed.

Fall Maintenance

  • Mulch new evergreens and conifers.
  • leave rakeAerate and overseed lawns to encourage healthy lawns year round.
  • Fertilize lawns.
  • Rake leaves and debris that falls during autumn weather.
  • Remove leaves and debris to encourage growth for grass and plants.
  • Add new plants for winter like holly or hellebores.
  • Get rid of fallen fruit before it rots.
  • Harvest fruit and vegetables from gardens.
  • Pick up extra lawn and patio furniture and toys before the first snow.

Winter Maintenance

  • Stay off frozen or snowy lawns to keep from weighing down grasses.
  • Make sure your evergreens still get enough water.
  • Add tree guards to prevent rodents from damaging your trees.
  • Start planning spring garden designs.
  • Wrap shrubs and more tender trees with burlap to help protect against the weather.
  • Keep an eye out for pest and disease damage.
  • For commercial businesses, clear walkways or parking lots of snow for safe travel.
  • Repair stone or masonry as weather permits.

These are just a few of the tasks needed to keep your lawn or landscaping healthy all year round. Landwork Contractors can meet your lawn maintenance needs no matter what kind of yard or lawn you have.

Unique Spaces Call for Individual Plans

Every garden or lawn is different. Each patch of dirt and square inch of grass is as unique as a fingerprint. Since each garden is different, each garden needs different care. Our specialists know how to care for each different type of space. We have specialized teams that deal individually with:

  • Maintenance
  • Landscape Installation
  • Masonry
  • Design and Sales

We can craft the perfect maintenance plan to keep your relaxing office courtyard or backyard getaway beautiful all year long. Call us today at 914-479-2537 to get your maintenance plan started. Or make an appointment online, you’ll have a beautiful lawn without lifting a finger.

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