Protect Your Property, Winterize Your Landscaping Now

Professional Winterizing Tips to Keep Your Office or Home Safe 

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Winter weather can come out of nowhere in the Hudson River Valley. If you want to keep your home or business safe,  it’s important to winterize your landscaping before it is too late. Landwork Contractors is here to help. Here are the top tasks to winterize your landscape this month. 

  1. If  You Own a Business, Create a Snow Removal Plan– Heavy ice and snow can create slippery paths and make branches come crashing down. Before the first storm hits, contact a professional, like Landwork Contractors, to customize a snow removal plan. Our team monitors winter weather 24/7. We will be onsite clearing parking lots and pathways early so you can stay open, and everyone stays safe. 
  1. Shut Down Irrigation Systems & Water Systems- A burst pipe can seriously damage your property. The cost of repairs and cleaning up the mess can put a real hole in your budget. Make sure you winterize your water features and irrigation carefully empty hoses, water features, and sprinkler lines before the first frost. 
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  1. Make Your Trees Cozy- If you have deciduous trees, make sure you wrap them for winter. Landscape maintenance like placing burlap covers can protect your favorite trees from frost. This will help to keep them healthy for years to come. 
  1. Give Your Garden Some Love- Don’t expect your flower gardens or mulch beds to coast through the winter. Make sure you clear out old bedding and clean up debris.  This means that you may have to prune some shrubs or trees before colder weather sets in. You also need to be sure to add a fresh layer of mulch. The new mulch will act as extra insulation for winter months while adding some beautiful color to your landscaping. 
  1. Repave Your Driveway- Driveways take a lot of punishment during cold winter months. They crack and break, creating potholes that damage your car. They can also create issues for your home. Make sure you repave your driveway has been repaved early on will protect your property,  your car, and your family. 
  1. Protect Your Plants from Pests- Winter weather often invites wildlife into your yard. Deer, rabbits, foxes, and voles can destroy your landscaping as they rub against trees, tear up bushes, and chew up your landscaping. Have a team of professional landscapers in Westchester County, NY, put up deer netting on trees. Pick up leftover bark and seeds from birdfeeders. This way, wildlife may wander through your property, but they won’t stay. 

There’s really no better time to get your home or office prepared for winter weather. Call our team of experts at 914-479-2537 or request an appointment online today. We’ll make sure your office or home is ready for winter before it’s too late. 

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