Shopping Tips for Outdoor Spaces

Make Your Next Shopping Trip a Breeze!

brick patio outdoor kitchen with brick ovenLandwork Contractors loves working with our clients to create stunning new spaces or remodel old favorites. But, we all know shopping trips for outdoor décor can be a headache. Make it a breeze with our easy tips!

Mastering the Megastore

One of the quickest ways to perk up your outdoors and patios is a trip to your local one-stop-shop like Lowes or Home Depot. These giant stores can be difficult to tackle without spending too much or getting the wrong thing. Follow these great tips and you’ll have a spot that looks brand new in no time, all without breaking the bank.

  • plotingMake a Plan-Browsing on a lazy weekend is always fun. However, you never want to go into any outdoor décor store without a plan. You’ll end up getting things you already have, don’t want or items that won’t fit.

So be sure to come equipped with a plan.

  • Make a Budget– Know the limits of your budget and what you’re willing to pay on different items. You may have a large budget, but you want to save money on cushions because you’re craving that new grill. Master your budget with:
    • Research a little online and see what items should cost.
    • Annual sales times like holidays and end of season clearance.
    • Understand quality over price. Home improvement store products are often higher quality than department store products and will cost more but last longer.
    • Compare equal stores. Compare each home improvement store to another home improvement store. Don’t compare prices to department stores.
  • Create a Design– If you have a specific design, you’ll be more focused. Here’s how to best create a design:
    • Look for inspiration. Houzz, Pinterest ,and Facebook have excellent examples of designs that could be perfect for your space.
    • Write out or draw your idea and bring it with you. Better yet, print out a picture of your dream design. Landwork Contractors can even help you with our 3D design tools. You’ll be less likely to get the wrong thing and avoid impulse buys.
  • mesuringBring Measurements– Know the measurements of the area you are working with. Be sure you
    • Include how much empty space you want. Having to squeeze in or go without leg room can put a real cramp in your relaxation plans.
    • Use measurements for furniture. There’s nothing worse than bringing home outdoor furniture that you can’t fit in your space.
  • Bring a Detailed List– Have a complete and detailed list of what you’re shopping for. Here’s how.
    • Take inventory of what you have or want to use.
    • Look at your design and decide what you need to get to complete it.
    • Include everything. Paint, bolts, cushions, tables, coasters, don’t leave anything out or you’ll be tempted to buy items outside the list.
    • Try to keep it in one trip, if you can’t, then stick to your list. Multiple trips can help with budgeting, but also, make it easier to make extra purchases.
  • Bring a Flyer or Circular– Bringing a current sales ad could potentially save you a lot of money.
    • Even trusted Mega-Stores make mistakes, use the ad to prove prices if you need to.
    • Keep the ad to remind you of ongoing or ending sales.

Following these simple tips will help you stay focused, save money and complete your new design quickly.

Fresh Summer Designs

brick patio outdoor kitchenNow it’s time to get out there and create a fresh look for your outdoor space. No matter what you choose to do, come equipped with all the pieces of your plan and you’ll leave with exactly what you came for. Don’t hesitate to ask the experts at Landwork Contractors, we can help get your patio, deck or outdoor space looking like new. Call us at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We can’t wait to see your designs or help you find the perfect look!


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