Time to Prune Evergreens

Professional Pruning Creates Lush Shrubs

green lush scrubWhile the frost is still sitting on your window sill, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about pruning your evergreen shrubs. Pruning is an essential part of keeping evergreen shrubs healthy and growing. While many of us enjoy tending to our gardens or home plants, it is very important to leave the pruning to professionals. One wrong snip and you could lose your favorite shrub. Landwork Contractors are experts in evergreen shrub care. Pruning is part of our regular maintenance for all clients. Our experienced team knows the exact process needed to keep your evergreen shrubs growing beautifully and under control.

What is Pruning?

Pruning is the method of cutting back old, diseased or untidy growth on shrubs and trees. Proper pruning can create continued health and growth in ailing plants or promote health and growth in healthy plants. When pruning is done correctly, specific parts of the plant are clipped. Landwork Contractors professional landscape teams know just which parts to clip and which to leave alone.

Pruning for a Purpose

Evergreen shrubs can be lush and beautiful all year long with the appropriate care. However, these hardy plants do come with some issues.

  • evergreen shrubsEvergreen Shrubs Are Unruly – These plants tend to grow every which way. Left untended, they will easily become overgrown, untidy and uneven. There will be lumps of overgrowth and large bare patches. Your beautiful lush shrub will go from a treasure to an eye sore.
  • Overgrowth Invites Issues- When an evergreen shrub is overgrown, sunlight and air can no longer reach the central part of the plant. The shrub is malnourished and becomes an easy target for disease and pests.
  • Overgrowing and Overcrowding- Left on their own, evergreen shrubs will start to take over gardens, walkways and paths. Pruning tames the evergreen shrub and keeps it from crowding and killing other plants.
  • shaped evergreen shrubReshaping- Since evergreen shrubs grow in every direction, you can use pruning to reshape them into manageable and delightful shapes. New growth will be even across the shrub, making it a lovely addition to any landscape.
  • Encouraging Growth- Thought it might not make sense, pruning actually encourages growth. Professional natural pruning, like that performed by Landwork Contractors, will help keep your evergreen shrub growing. When old limbs are cut, it makes room for new limbs. Also, when overcrowding occurs, the pruning will allow more sunlight and air to reach the plant.

When to Prune

Late March or early April are the best times to prune your evergreen shrubs like those juniper and yews everyone loves. The plants have a spurt of energy during these months that creates opportunities for shrubs to grow. It is important to prune just before new growth occurs. New growth also needs time to mature before cold weather begins. This is why we prune early. Also, it is important to never prune in fall. New growth that occurs in fall will be more susceptible to winter damage.

Professional Pruning Pays Off

Westchester County Lawn Maintenance project of grass - Landwork Contractors IncEven though many people enjoy gardening, pruning should always be left to skilled and experienced professionals. Landwork Contractors has a team of licensed and experienced professionals who can prune with care. Their expertise will leave your evergreen shrubs growing and thriving. Call us today at 914-479-2537 to start your evergreen pruning plan. Or make an appointment online. We’ll keep your landscaping beautiful all year long.


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