Pruning Tips for Abundant Fruit Trees

Professional Pruning Creates Luscious Fruit

apple tree with red applesSpring will soon be here and that means it’s time to start pruning plan for your fruit trees. Pruning is a vital part of a fruit tree’s crop and longevity. Improper pruning can damage your fruit trees or make them grow bland fruits. Landwork Contractors has a specialized team of lawn care experts who can use pruning to bring new life to forgotten fruit trees or improve harvests. We offer the best in lawn care maintenance and pruning for the Westchester County area.

Why is Prunng So Important?

pruning cuttersPruning is more important for fruit trees than most other plants. Without proper pruning, fruit trees can be damaged or fail to grow fruit. Improper pruning can even kill your fruit trees. Here are some reasons fruit trees require special pruning techniques:



  • Pruning saves trees from overloading. Fruit trees that have been left untrimmed will start to get weighed down and become damaged.
  • Fruit trees require annual pruning to continue growing. Annual pruning can also shape the kind of fruit harvest your tree will have. Pruning affects the size of the fruit, the amount of fruit grown and even the flavor.
  • Pruning also aids against infection, disease, and pests.
  • The structure of a fruit tree can is helped by pruning. Getting rid of heavy branches helps the tree carry the fruit it produces
  • Pruning promotes flowering and budding for new fruit.
  • Pruning helps invigorate fruit trees by increasing the quality and the quantity of light and air the tree receives.
  • Weakened forks and crevices are prevented through pruning. Weak forks can create damage on the fruit tree.
  • Pruning rids trees of bothersome water sprouts. Water sprouts are quickly growing upward limbs. These new growths do not produce fruit and they can add too much weight and shading to the tree. Too much weight breaks branches. Too much shading chokes sunlight. Both of these issues weaken the tree.
  • Crisscross branches are removed in pruning. These branches grow against each and rub along the fruit. Rubbing can create bruising and blemishes to the fruit, ruining crops.

Pruning to Perfection

There is a very delicate line between damaging and preserving your tree when you prune. If you prune too early or too late, cold temperatures can damage your fruit buds or even destroy your tree. Prune too much and your tree will produce large fruit without flavor. If you don’t prune enough, your tree will produce a lot of smaller fruit on higher branches. High budding fruit is difficult to harvest and weighs down fruit tree branches. When fruit trees aren’t pruned enough, they will even begin to produce less often. Many times, uncared for trees start to produce fruit every other year. This is why it is so important to leave fruit tree pruning to the experts.

table full of fruit

Proper fruit tree pruning requires a skilled hand and an experienced touch. Landwork Contractors has been caring for fruit trees and lawns in the Westchester County area for over 15 years. Our skilled and experienced team know which branches to cut and how to dispose of diseased limbs. Our tender care can provide your trees with many more fruitful seasons. Call us today at 914-479- 2573 to get your pruning plan started for your fruit trees. Or, you can relax and make an appointment online. We will have your fruit trees ready for a new harvest in no time.

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