Stay Happy and Healthy With a Green Winter

Winter Can Be Colorful with Potted Plants

indor-officeNew York winters can be harsh. We spend a lot of time indoors trying to avoid the cold. Too much time inside can lead to colds or just plain bad health. Now is the perfect time to pick some hardy potted plants to bring inside.  Indoor plants are excellent for battling the winter blahs. Landwork Contractors uses only the best in locally sourced and grown plants and trees. We can help you find the perfect potted plants, from indoor plants to transitioning plants.


There are many health advantages to having indoor plants. Here are some perks to indoor plants.

  • plant-in-potPlants create put off oxygen. This is pretty common knowledge but it’s always good to know.
  • Plants can absorb many common indoor toxins like benzene, carbon dioxide, and formaldehyde.
  • Plants work as a filter for microbes like mold and bacteria.
  • Plants can also add moisture to dry stale indoor air.
  • Healing increases with plants nearby.
  • Plants lower anxiety, blood pressure, and even illnesses.
  • Plants create a calming environment to help with focus.


There are endless advantages to having plants indoors. But, if you can’t keep plants in all year, many plants can transition from the indoors to the outdoors and back. The biggest problem will be deciding on which plant or plants to get.

Picking Your Plants

You want to choose a plant that looks nice and adds to the beauty of your home or office. You still need to be careful and think about a few things before you choose any plants.

  • Find plants that appeal to you. Pick something that smells good to you or looks nice or blooms in your favorite color. If you choose something that doesn’t appeal to you, that plant will likely not last long.
  • Check the Area- If you are looking for a plant that can transition well from outdoors to indoors, be sure to know your area. What works in one region of the U.S. won’t always work in the next.
  • Choose plants you can easily maintain. Most people aren’t likely to stick with a plant that needs a lot of care. Find something that needs a minimum of care.
  • Know the plant you choose. Be sure you know what your plant needs. Don’t place plants that need shade in direct sunlight. Don’t place plants that need a little cold next to a heater.

Above all, you want your plant to last. You want it to continue to bring beauty and health to your home or office. Be careful, choose wisely and take care of it. It’s simple when you choose wisely.


Here are a few examples for indoor potted plants:

  • Atyhyrums – Beautiful colorful plants like Lady in Red add some color and bring some extra air to any ho-hum office.
  • Lavender- Lavender varieties not only add color but some relaxing fragrance too.
  • Sedum – Sedum plants have hardy leaves with delightful colors that are easy to care for and beautiful to look at.
  • Vines – English Ivy and Clematis vines can look lovely in the corner of an office and add some beautiful color while improving your air.

Only the Best for Westchester County

Landwork Contractors can help you choose the perfect plotted plant. We use only local greenhouses and gardens. If the plant you love is out of stock now, we can order it for you. You’ll be the first in line when it comes back in season. Until then, call us at 757-842-1710 to get started on the perfect potted plants to bring the healthy benefits of the outdoors inside. Or simply make an appointment online. We look forward to helping you stay healthy.

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