Top Five Benefits of Fall Aeration for Your Lawn

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As we enter fall, the best thing you can do for your grass is show it a little love with professional aeration. The team of skilled lawn care experts at Landwork Contractors has over 18 years of experience nurturing lawns in the Westchester and Putnam County area. 

Aeration Explained

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To put it simply, aeration is adding air to your soil. Professional landscapers use a tool that will pull tiny pieces of soil and thatch out of your lawn. This allows for more water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. Here are the top five benefits of fall aeration.

1) Removes Compacted Soil- Overtime your lawn can become compacted by heavy use or drought. Aerating your lawn moves soil around a bit which is a complete game-changer for the health of your lawn

2) Improves the Health of Your Grass- Your lawn needs four main things to survive and thrive; oxygen, water, sunlight, and nutrients. When your soil is compacted or covered in thatch, none of those essentials can reach the roots. Aeration provides a channel for these necessities to reach your grass. 

3) Encourages Strong Roots- When water can’t reach deep into your soil, roots become shallow and brittle. This means your grass also becomes brittle. By shifting the soil around a little, aeration allows water and nutrients to get down deep into the soil, creating stronger more durable roots. 

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4) Improves the Look and Feel of Your Lawn- Admit it, you’re a little jealous of those gorgeous lawns with perfectly manicured grass. Aeration can quickly transform your yard into that same vibrant, bouncy, lush lawn you are dreaming of. With strong roots, fewer weeds, fewer pests, and fewer disease issues, your lawn will be healthy. Blades of grass will be more resistant to drought, they’ll be stronger, giving you that bounce you love.

5) Creates a Low Maintenance Lawn- Since your roots are stronger and your grass is healthier, you’ll have less work to do. Aeration cuts down on weed growth, disease, pests, and mold. You won’t be spending time every weekend fixing another problem with your lawn. 

Fall is right around the corner, now is the time to start your aeration plan. The experts at Landwork Contractors are ready to help. Call us today at 914-479-2537, or you can make an appointment online. We’ll turn your blah lawn into a gorgeous landscape. 

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