Why is Aeration and Overseeding Important for Your Lawn?

Lawncare Professionals Answer Your Questions on Aeration and Overseeding

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Just like your home,  your landscaping needs regular seasonal maintenance. For your lawn, that means routine fall aeration and overseeding. The team at Landwork Contractors have been caring for lawns and landscapes in the area for over 18 years. Here’s why aeration and overseeding needs to be on your fall to-do list. 

Over the hot, busy months of summer, your lawn can take a beating. Your yard could be affected by:

  • Heavy foot traffic pushes the soil down and creates bare patches of compacted soil. 
  • Hot weather dries soil out, making your grass dry, brittle, and brown. 
  • Unhealthy grass becomes more prone to infections, mold, pests, and weeds, making your lawn care routine more difficult. 
  • Cut grass and other debris gather at the top of your soil, creating thick layers of thatch that choke out nutrients, water, and sunlight. 
  • Sparse, dry grass isn’t thick enough to control rainwater runoff and other drainage issues, which can cause foundation and structural issues for your home. 
  • Layers of thatch and/or compacted soil keep moisture on the surface of your lawn, increasing opportunities for molded and swampy areas to form. 

How do you avoid these issues before they start? Perform simple aeration and overseeding every fall and you’ll save yourself a ton of headaches and potentially a lot of money. 

How Does Aeration and Overseeding Work for Your Lawn?

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Aeration creates tiny holes in your lawn which provide room in your soil to let oxygen, sunlight, and nutrients reach down to the roots of your grass. The further these essentials can get into your lawn, the healthier your landscape will be. Once you’ve aerated your lawn, you can encourage even more growth by spreading seeds throughout the lawn, a procedure that is known as overseeding. 

Adding seeds and small amounts of fertilizer in fall allows for new seeds to take root when after the heat of summer and before the freezing weather of winter. Fall aeration and overseeding let your seeds take root so they can be stronger, healthier, and more durable during the rest of the year. 

Benefits of Aeration and Overseeding in Fall

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Take a look at these incredible benefits of aerating your lawn. 

  • Bouncy Green Lawns
  • Fewer Weeds
  • Less Maintenance
  • Provides Protection Against Erosion
  • Makes Your Home Stand Out
  • Keeps Bugs and Pests Away
  • Improves the Texture and Health of Your Soil
  • Adds Value to Your Home
  • Makes Your Lawn More Durable During Drought or Frost

If you have more questions, contact the Landwork Contractors team at 914-479-2357 or make an appointment online. We’ll revive your lawn and get you ready for winter. 

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