Time to Get Started on Your Fall Cleanup Plan

Protect Your Home from the Elements with Professional Fall Maintenance 

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Cleaning up before winter sets in helps you protect your home and property from falling limbs, loose gravel, mold, erosion issues and much more. The team at Landwork Contractors have all the tools and experience you need to tidy up your landscape and get it ready for winter weather. Here are just a few reasons it’s time for you to start your fall clean up plan. 

1) Catch Problems Early- When you choose to clean up each fall, you are better able to catch issues and mistakes before they become too big or too expensive to handle. A professional landscaper will be able to examine your soil, lawn, and gardens for issues like:

  • Mold in Your Grass
  • Erosion Near Your Foundation
  • Diseased Plants
  • Protect Against Pests
  • Dry Patches in Your Lawn
  • Rubbed Marks on Trees
  • Broken or Dangling Limbs
  • Drainage Issues

Start early and you’ll have the time you need to fix these minor issues before they become major nightmares.  

2) Strengthen the Roots of Your Grass- Over those hot summer months, grass can become wilted and dry. Roots under the soil can become weak and susceptible to disease. Scheduling a simple aeration and overseeding procedure for your lawn will allow nutrients, water, sun, and oxygen to travel deep into the soil, strengthening roots. 

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3) Inspect Your Driveway for Cracks and Potholes

Before winter hits, you should inspect your driveway for cracks or potholes. You’ll protect your car from damage and company from slipping on icy, bumpy pavement. Fall is a great time to repave your driveway or have a new driveway installed. The temperatures are just right for setting pavers or paving your black top.

4) Remove Leaves and Debris Before Winter- Piles of leaves left on your lawn can create slick spots, damage your lawn, and invite pests into your landscaping. Use a professional leaf removal service to not only get the leaves off of your lawn but also away from your property. 

lawn leaf blowing front of house

5) Add Colorful Plants and Decorations to Your Lawn- Once you’ve cleaned up and prepped your landscaping for winter, it’s nice to add some color. You can place potted plants near entryways, install new shrubs, and trees, or even do some harvest decorations for fall.

The best way to protect your landscape and your home from damage is to have routine seasonal maintenance. Before it gets too late, get started on your fall landscape maintenance and clean-up plans. Call Landwork Contractors at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We’ll make sure your home is protected and ready for winter. 

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