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Top Five Professional Tips to Protect Your Landscaping

Without special care and preventative measures, you could be spending a lot of money in the spring to fix problems caused during the winter. The team at Landwork Contractors is here to help you save money by caring for your landscaping and lawn needs now. Here are our top five tips for winterizing your landscaping and lawn. 

Five Steps to Winterize Your Lawn and Landscaping

From dry periods to freezing temperatures, harsh winter weather can wreck your landscaping and lawn. Protecting your investments is simple with these five professional steps:

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  1.  Aerate and Overseed- To get those gorgeous golf course lawns, you need to make sure to follow annual aeration and overseeding plan. Aeration will open up the soil in your lawn and overseeding will create new growth.
  2. Clean Up Everything- Every winterizing plan has to start with a quick tidying of every area of your landscaping.
    1. Rake Leaves- Leaves can create mold, kill off healthy grass, or become slippery hazards. Our team of experts offers professional leaf removal services to completely remove leaves before they become an issue.
    2. Pick Up Debris- Gather fallen limbs, branches, blooms, and all other debris before they invite pests.
    3. Clean Out Drains and Gutters- Remove debris from gutters and drains to prevent puddles or mold.
    4. Pick Up Tools and Toys- A blanket of snow can hide a lot of items. Before it snows, remove them so you don’t trip over them and they don’t kill your grass. Also, be sure to store your pool patio items if you won’t use them over the winter, they can mildew or collect mold during snowy months.
  3. Fresh Layers of Mulch- Mulch is the superhero of gardens. A nice blanket of mulch will protect and feed your plants all winter long. A simple, fresh layer of mulch will:
    • Protect Against Frost
    • Increase Nutrients
    • Prevent Pests
    • Prevent Weeds
    • Retain Water in the Soil
  4. Check and Update Irrigation Systems- Bad irrigation throughout your landscaping could destroy your lawn, gardens, and home or office. A quick check-up on your irrigation systems can prevent costly repairs later. If you don’t have an irrigation system, the team at Landwork Contractors is happy to help create a plan that protects your home.
  5. Wrap Up Trees and/or Plant Evergreens- If you have some beautiful deciduous trees, it is important to wrap them up before winter. Burlap wrapped around trees helps prevent damage caused by winds, burns from the sun, and nicks from nibbling rodents. 

If you have more questions or are ready to start a winterizing plan, contact the team at Landwork Contractors today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment. Our experts have all the skills you need to protect your favorite investment. 

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