Watering Lawns for Summer Success

Keep Your Lawn Healthy with a Watering Plan

The long hot days of summer can really dry out your lawn. Dry grass can be vulnerable to all sorts of disease, pests, and problems. Over-watering can create just as many issues. Finding the perfect balance can be difficult, but the results are worth the work. Landwork Contractors has been providing expert lawn services and drainage installations for over 16 years in the Westchester and Putnam Counties. We can set up a plan for your lawn that can include:

  • huge yard mowed grassProper Watering Techniques
  • Lawn Maintenance Plans
  • Scheduled Lawn Care
  • Regular Mowing
  • Lawn Interventions and Pest Control
  • Proper Land Defense, Including Drainage and Retaining Walls

With the proper techniques and a perfectly formulated plan, your lawn can stay beautiful all year long.

Avoiding the Effects of Improper Watering

Watering is a vital part of any landscape. However, you can’t just put the hose out and expect things to grow. Improper watering can wreck a lawn, ruin your foundation or create horrible muddy ruts in your grass. To avoid creating these issues follow these important guidelines:

  • fanced landscape yard Start your day off with a quick rinse on your lawn. The soil needs to absorb the water before temperatures rise and evaporation becomes an issue.
  • Do NOT Overwater- Too much watering can reduce the amount of oxygen getting to your soil. Lower oxygen levels decrease nutrients and the ability to fight against disease.
  • Know How Much You are Watering- Grass needs to have at least 1 ½ feet of water per week, not just during hot summer weeks. Add a gauge or water meter to your lawn to measure how much you are watering. You can even add a homemade water gauge easily.
  • Water Regularly – Water your lawn at least twice a week. Different times of the year need different watering schedules. Be sure to water regularly and watch your lawn. As you walk on your lawn check to see if you leave foot prints. A lawn that can’t bounce back is beginning to wilt, water as needed.

Natural Beauty Starts with a Plan

Westchester and Putnam Counties both have some of the most eye-catching landscapes and scenery in the country. Creating these living works of art takes a lot of time, knowledge, and effort, particularly when it comes to continued watering during the summer months. First, you must start with a plan.

Each lawn will need its own plan and require specialized care. Landwork Contractors is familiar with the Westchester County and Putnam County area. We know what these lawns need. We know where and when to water and where to include drainage. Here are just a few things we consider when starting a watering plan for your lawn:

  • terrace landscape typeNatural Features: Is your lawn flat, rolling, rocky or a combination of many different features? We take a look at how your landscape flows and what changes you might want to make as we come up with an appropriate watering plan or need for a retaining wall.
  • Grass Type: All grasses need water, but different grasses might need more or less than others.
  • Soggy Spots: Areas in your lawn that easily collect water or become soggy need drainage. If these spots are too close to your home, they can affect your foundation. Proper drainage is easy to install and manage. Retaining walls can also help with these issues.
  • Sunny Spots: Areas that get a lot of sun all day long can dry out quicker than other areas. Be sure to keep these patches watered as needed.

Proper Watering for Perfect Lawns

Regardless of what type of lawn you have, Landwork Contractors will work hard to keep your lawns thriving in any weather. We can help you set up a watering plan, mobile sprinkler systems or advise you on any lawn care needs. Call us today at 914-479-2537.  Or make an appointment online.

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