Why Is It Important to Prune In June?

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Proper pruning is the first step in getting gorgeous blooms and lush colors all summer. The process can be confusing. Cutting the wrong branch or limb could destroy your favorite bush or tree. Landwork Contractors is here to help with some fantastic professional pruning tips! Here’s everything you need to know to prune this June. 

Why Do We Need to Prune?

Left on their own, plants can become overgrown, diseased, or dried out. Pruning prevents these issues and more. 

You prune and trim your favorite shrubs, bushes, and trees to:

  • Encourage growth
  • Improve longevity.
  • Increase nutrient levels throughout plant systems.
  • Keep your plants in shape. 
  • Increase blossoms season after season. 
  • Keep pests and disease out of limbs. 

If you want a healthy, beautiful landscape, start pruning! Make sure you know what to prune and what to leave alone.

What Do You Need to Prune in June?

If you don’t have professional landscape maintenance, pruning can be scary. You have to be so careful not to cut the wrong limb or cut during the wrong season. Here’s a quick guide on what to cut during June. 

Rhododendrons- There’s a special secret to keeping Rhododendrons blooming all summer. Remove the blossoms after they begin to fade. Simply twist the bloom and it will pop off, leaving more nutrients for future flowers. 

Rosebushes- More than most bushes, you have to keep up with trimming your rose bushes. As soon as a bud begins to open, trim the flower right below the five-leaf pattern. Continue trimming through the season for an endless supply of fresh flowers. 

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Azaleas- You know it is spring when you start to see the bright blooms of your azalea bush. To keep these bushes healthy year after year, be sure to prune when their first blossoms begin to fade. 

Hydrangeas-One of the trickiest plants to prune is the hydrangea. Different breeds of hydrangeas grow in different ways and have to be trimmed differently. Look at the stalks of your hydrangea. If they are dark brown, almost wood-like stalks, prune after the first blooming. If the stalks are green and somewhat soft, cut your bushes back from the end of May until June. Also, cut any dead blossoms or diebacks up until the beginning of July. 

Fruit Trees and Stone Trees- These trees need extra care. You want to make sure to prune in summer to slow extra growth. Too much growth will starve the tree. Start pruning early in the summer, after your first harvest. 

Get the Help You Need With Professional Pruning! The proper pruning technique and schedule can be a lot to remember. If you are ready for some help, contact our team of professionals at Landwork Contractors. We will keep your home looking vibrant and beautiful all summer long. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online! We’re always here to help.

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