Winter Lawns Need Love

Get the Best Out of Your Landscaping Year-round

Snow is on its way. Grass growth slows during winter. Many other plants begin to slow their growth as well. Your lawn still needs love and care, even in winter.  Landwork Contractors wants to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all year long, so we’ve come up with some tips to help you through the winter.

Garden Care

Gardens don’t take care of themselves, even during winter.  Grass and plants need some extra care during cold weather. Follow these steps to keep lawns and plants fresh for spring:

  • Check your bulbs and winter flowering plants. Carefully remove rotted or softened bulbs. You want to be sure not to remove blooms for the following season.
  • Vegetable Garden Cover Up – Make sure any bare soil in your veggie garden is covered to help insulate roots and plants. Use only organic materials like pine straw, hay or chopped or mulched leaves.
  • Keep Evergreens Green- Evergreens can suffer from winter burn when they don’t get enough water, even under all that snow. Cover them with burlap for protection and keep them watered.
  • Gather Your Fruits and Nuts- Pick up fallen nuts and fruit off the ground. Leftover fruit and nuts invite pests and diseases to your landscaping and lawn.
  • Mulch It Up … A Little – Mulch your bushes and landscaping areas, but keep it light. No more than 2-3 inches of mulch in any area. Too much mulch will invite vole colonies and rot to your beloved trees.

tree ways down from snow

Snow and Ice

Snow can be beautiful, but it can also be bad for your lawn and dangerous when it turns to ice. It is so important to keep your walkways clear and protect your lawn from snow.  Be gentle with your winter lawns by using these careful methods.

  • Flowing Pathways- Your sidewalks and paths should flow, not create falls. Clear all pathways and sidewalks of leaves and snow.
  • Evenly Blow Snow- Don’t pile up snow in one area. Large piles of snow will suffocate lawns and plants. At Landwork Contractors, we remove snow to an off-site location to protect your businesses landscaping.
  • Gently Sweep Away Snow- Using sweeping brushes to gently remove snow. Being rough with tender leaves can leave damage for spring blooms.
  • Avoid Harsh Snow Removal- Rock salt on pathways ruin lawns and plants. Always use gentle solutions. Landwork Contractors uses gentle removal with calcium for commercial pathways.
  • Don’t Break the Ice- Never try to remove ice from branches and trees. Breaking ice can end up breaking and tearing branches.

Repairs and Replacements

Winter is the perfect time for reviewing what needs to be repaired or replaced in your landscaping and hardscaping. Hardscaping is the term used for sidewalks, arbors, gates and other additions to your garden or home. Take a quick look around and see if there are cracks in the sidewalk, breaks in wood or hinges on gates that need to be fixed. Go through tools and supplies and see what will need to be replaced for spring. Replace or repair as the weather and your budget permits, then you’ll be ready for spring.

Leave the Care With Professionals

Winter lawn maintenance can be difficult and grueling. Leave the hard work to the professional team at Landwork Contractors. We can maintain your home landscaping or handle your commercial snow removal, so you can stay safe and warm inside. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or simply schedule an appointment online to keep you lawn or grounds protected during winter.


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