Winter Wonderlands Warm Hearts

Professional Landscapers Create Happy Homes

tree snow

The sparkling white of frosty windows and the magic of falling snow is beautiful. Many of us love to watch the snow as we enjoy a warm fire. However, winter snow and ice can get dangerous, especially here in the Westchester County area. Having a safe workplace or home can make all the difference. Landwork Contractors has been a trusted landscaping and commercial snow plowing provider since 2006. We know how to keep your grounds winter safe and your home warm with many different services.

  • Year Round Grounds Maintenance
  • Landscape Construction in:
    • Pathways
    • Driveways
    • Steps
    • Retaining walls
  • Professional Commercial Snow Plowing
  • Firewood Cords

There are many ways to create a happy, safe and warm home or business during these cold winter months.  Here are just a few tips to start your new year off right.

Focus on Safety

Keeping your family or workers safe is so important. You need to keep people flowing from one place to another.

  • Make sure people can get from one place to another. Add tread to surfaces. If you don’t have a pathway, consider installing one with Unilock products.
  • Keep track of trees. Make sure your trees are not overpowered by the snow or ice. Heavy trees can crack or become unhealthy. You can keep your trees healthy by.
    • Adding a small layer of mulch.
    • Wrapping trees with burlap.
    • Trimming back dead branches you missed in fall.
  • Check for Rodents. Rodents need food and warmth in winter just like we do. Unfortunately, rodents can cause serious issues for trees and gardens. Keep an eye out for rodents and consider planting some pest resistant plants in the spring.
  • Stay Off the Snow- The extra pressure from walking on snow and ice can kill the grass that is waiting to grow underneath. If you do find yourself walking one path through the snow, it’s probably time to start thinking about putting down some stepping stones or a walkway.

Beauty and Warmth

red bird on snowy treeYour garden may be sleeping, but it can still be beautiful. There are some wonderful things you can add to your garden for winter warmth.

  • Birds and Berries- A few birds stay behind in winter, instead of flying south. Those that stay need homes in winter too. Plus, they can add so much to our winter views. Leave some berries growing for our feathered friends or add a birdhouse.
  • Decorating Mulch – Mulch doesn’t have to be boring. You can actually add a tiny layer of mulch in areas that need it in ways that will also add texture and color to your winter landscape.
  • Glowing Hearths – A blazing fire can make all the difference on a chilly night. Landwork Contractors can supply you with your firewood for the season.
  • Wreaths – Lush wreaths can add beauty to any winter landscape. They are also so versatile that you can have them any time of the year.
  • Hardscaping- Winter is a great time to consider adding some hardscaping. Benches, arbors, walkways and retaining walls are great additions to winter landscapes. While some can be put in right away, others will need some planning. January is the perfect time to start both your hardscaping and landscaping plans.

Create Comfort Wherever You Are

couple looking out with cupsSometimes winter can really drag on. The grey skies and chilly temperatures can make us all feeling like we are dragging too. The right landscaping or commercial maintenance on your property can help beat the winter blahs. Landwork Contractors is happy to help you make your work or home a warm and happy retreat. Call us at 914-479-2573 or request an appointment online from the comfort of your home. We’ll have you cozy and happy in no time.

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