Prune to Perfection in June

Understanding the Art of June Pruning

Pruning is a vital part of gardening and landscaping, especially in June. However, juggling pruning schedules can be overwhelming. Every species of tree or shrub needs special pruning schedules and techniques. Pruning a plant incorrectly can wreck your plant or even destroy your garden.  Luckily, Landwork Contractors has mastered the art of summer pruning. Our professional and experienced landscapers know exactly when, where and what to prune. We offer a variety of services that will keep your landscape and garden thriving all year long

  • garden with white fance for plantsLawncare Maintenance
  • Landscape Construction
  • Lawn Care
  • Pruning and Trimming
  • Pest Prevention

We know pruning can get confusing, so we’d like to share a few tips about June pruning.

Pruning for a Purpose

Pruning creates continued success and survival of any garden or landscape. With gentle and persistent strokes, we use pruning like a master painter to:

  • Promote healthy growth and longevity.
  • Prevent disease.
  • Provide opportunities for nutrition to reach the roots.
  • Perform upkeep to retain shape.
  • Provide opportunities for new blooms and crops in the current season and/or the next season.

What to Prune in June

Knowing what to prune in June can be confusing. Landwork Contractors can help you know where to focus your lawn maintenance. You will want to closely watch plants that have just bloomed in spring, particularly flowing shrubs, trees and stone fruit. Here are a few examples:

smal flowering treeHydrangeas– Some hydrangeas bloom on last season’s old growth and some bloom on this season’s new growth. Be sure to know which one you have or you could ruin this season’s blooms.

  • Old Growth Blooms- These grow on darker brown and wood-like stalks.
    Prune schedule: After their first flowering.
  • New Growth Blooms – These grow on softer green stems.
    Prune schedule:  From late May to June for continued blooms. Also, cut the diebacks until early July to control and reduce size.

Rhododendrons- The secret to keeping these blooms coming is to remove them after they’re washed-out. A lot of rhododendron’s energy is used making seed, so those left on the bush will deplete energy quickly. You can remove the wilted blooms by gently twisting the flower.
Prune Schedule: After blooms have faded but still have color on them. Leaving blooms on the bush will lower the output next season.

purple flowers by staircaseAzaleas- Bright beautiful azalea blooms are often the first sign of spring. After these blooms have faded, start pruning for future growth and to keep their energetic growth in shape.
Prune schedule: After first blooms fade and up until mid-June.

Rose Bushes- These queens of the garden almost need constant pruning, particularly in summer. But, with roses, you’ll have fresh fragrant flowers all summer long. Be sure to trim just below the five leaf formation on the stem.
Pruning Schedule: After the blooms begin to open to make way for new buds and help the plant continue to grow. As needed throughout the season.

blooming treesStone-Fruit and Fruit Trees- Fruit trees need extra care, as you can see from our earlier blog, this includes stone fruits.

Summer pruning is done to reduce heavy growth. Trim any outward growth from the tree to keep fruit producing.
Pruning Schedule: Early summer after the first harvest, to keep overly vigorous growth from starving the tree. For stone fruits, prune up to 50% of new growth after your harvest.

Summer Pruning Made Easy

Don’t get confused or frustrated with your summer pruning. Landwork Contractors can prune your landscaping and garden to perfection with our expert care. We will work to make a summer long masterpiece out of your landscape. Call us at 914-479-2537 or contact us online. You can enjoy the fruits of our labor all summer long!


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