Top 5 Tips for Lush Lawns in Summer Heat

Professional Lawn Care Experts in Westchester, NY Share Healthy Lawn Secrets


Summer weather can be hard on your yard, especially if you aren’t using the right lawn care techniques. Watering too often or mowing too high can bring mold and pests. On the other hand, if you don’t water enough or you mow too high, you get brown spots. The lawn care professionals at Landwork Contractors have over 20 years of experience caring for lawns in the Hudson River Valley region. Here are some of our top tips for creating and caring for lush lawns this summer.

1.   Start with a Clean Yard- Take a little time to pick up debris, tools, toys, and whatever else is on the lawn.  These items damage your grass and create impacted areas. Even worse, that favorite toy could fly up and hit you or destroy your mower. A few minutes of clean-up will save you time and money later on.

2.   Protect and Strengthen Your Lawn- Summer pests and summer heat will destroy your yard. Make sure you protect your lawn by treating early for pests, like grubs. Then, increase the health and strength of your lawn with nitrogen-rich fertilizers.

3.  Sharpen Your Blades- Dull mower blades create ragged edges on your grass. Those frayed ends can invite disease to come into your grass. Not sure when to sharpen them? It’s easy. Think about how long it takes for you to mow your lawn. After you’ve spent 10 hours mowing your grass, sharpen your blades. Or have an expert maintain your lawn. Your grass will thank you.

mowing grass

4.   Mow for the Season- In summer, it is especially important to mow your grass a little higher. Tall grass will help shade your soil. Longer blades of grass lower evaporation and create stronger root systems. How tall should the grass be? Try to trim no more than a third of the leaf each time. You can always test a small patch to see if you’re hitting the mark.  

5.   Water With Care- It would seem that watering a lawn is simple, right? Wrong. Watering at night can create disease and mold. Watering midday leads to evaporation. Water early to mid-morning, between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Water evenly and deeply. You’ll see lush results in no time. 

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