Top Trends for a Backyard Makeover

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If you look out your back door and you want to run away, it’s time for you to start thinking of a backyard makeover. Your backyard should be a peaceful retreat, that one place you can go to leave the world behind. The experts at Landwork Contractors have been customizing beautiful backyards for over 20 years. Here are some of our top tips for the best backyard makeovers.

  1. Say Goodbye to Clutter-  Clutter wrecks peace and makes it difficult to get anything done. Make sure to get rid of knick nacks or create storage for items you like to use regularly. When you think of storage, try to let it flow with the design. Paint wood sheds or buy plastic containers that match your design.
  2. Room for a View- The right view can change your whole attitude. Pick your favorite view and use it as a focal point in your design. You can still make the design functional without losing scenic beauty. Create pathways and face furniture towards sunsets or your favorite feature.
  3. Get Cozy- What’s the point in a backyard oasis if you can’t sit back and relax? As you design your backyard, include comfortable seating. Consider adding fluffy chairs or swings. Hang a hammock under your favorite shady spot or place lounge chairs near the pool. Whatever relaxes you and makes your feel comfortable should be part of your design.
  4. Create A Private Space- When you step into your backyard, you should feel like you are away from it all. A beautiful wood fence or evergreen screens can shut off the outside world without affecting your landscape design. 
  5. Provide Shade- Relaxing outdoors is practically impossible without a little shade. Luckily, there are lots of stylish options for adding shade to your backyard remodel. Consider adding large trees, shade sails, pergolas, canopied pavilions, or retractable screens.
  6. Add Features for Fun- You’ll get a lot more out of your backyard if you actually want to spend time there. In your design, include things that you enjoy doing. Add a fire pit for campfires, a pool for splashing, or fountains for relaxing. There are a million options to give your backyard a boost.
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